Wilton Manors Gazette

  • Commission May Call for Increased Liquor Tax to Help Homeless

    As Fort Lauderdale’s restriction on feeding the homeless in public parks grabs national headlines, the Wilton Manors Commission may propose a resolution to help fund programs aimed at helping the homeless.

  • Commission Moves Forward on Changes to Sign Code

    Sign pollution was a big part of the conversation surrounding the proposed changes to the city’s signage regulations. Commissioners approved the changes at their Feb. 28 meeting but will have to vote on the issue again to make the changes official.

  • Commission Moves Forward on Generator Rule

    Per the city commission’s request, the city manager and city attorney will research what regulations other cities have instituted regarding generators and multi-unit residential units with multiple stories.

  • Commission Passes Gun Control Resolution

    Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution on June 28 calling on federal and state legislators to pass more effective gun control laws.

  • Commission Passes Moratoriums on Clinics, Group Homes

    At their meeting on Feb. 14, commissioners passed two moratoriums – new medical clinics in the Wilton Drive Arts & Entertainment District and new group homes in the entire city. The moratoriums do not apply to existing clinics or group homes.

  • Commission Ponders Action on Gun Control

    In the wake of the murder of 17 people during the Stoneman Douglas shooting on Valentine’s Day, Wilton Manors commissioners are trying to figure out how to respond.

  • Commission Responds to Water Concerns

    After months of criticizing city officials about the city’s water quality and a lack of response, commissioners officially addressed Boyd Corbin by placing the issue on the April 24 agenda.

  • Commission Tentatively Approves Pool but Concerned About Parking, Future Use

    Wilton Manors commissioners are generally in support of the proposed pool facility at 550 E. Oakland Park Blvd. But concerns about parking and the possible future use of the property may prevent them from approving it. Whether or not the city approves the project will be determined at a future meeting. The building has been unoccupied since at least 2011 after Goodwill moved out.

  • Commission to Review Cost of Parking Company

    Lanier “bordering on aggression” says Green

  • Commission Tweaks Wilton Drive BID

    Final approval could come at Dec. 9 meeting

  • Commission Wants Less Dense Townhouse Project

    Commissioners voted to approve The Village of Wilton Manors development at their meeting on Feb. 27, but only to allow the developer the chance to reduce the density. It could be brought back to the commission as early as the end of this month, but no exact date was set.

  • Commission Will Place Water Quality on Next Agenda

    After months of criticizing the city commission about the city’s water quality, Boyd Corbin, who recently announced he is running for mayor, got the response he was looking for.

  • Commissioner Julie Carson Diagnosed With Rare Form of Cancer 

    City Commissioner Julie Carson has been diagnosed with a rare form of salivary gland cancer and will undergo surgery to treat the condition in mid-March.

  • Commissioners Discuss Gun Safe at Wilton Elementary 

    Wilton Manors Commissioner Julie Carson doesn’t want any more guns in schools even if they are being stored in a locked safe for use by a police officer in an emergency.

  • Commissioners Reduce Money Promised to Somerset Charter School

    After asking Wilton Manors Elementary School and Somerset Academy Village charter school to supply a wish list of items list for up to $1,500 each, to be funded by the city, the commission voted 3-2 to reduce the amount of money allocated to Somerset. Mayor Gary Resnick and Commissioner Julie Carson dissented.

  • Community Observations: Where Next?

    In my last column, I took my 10 best community candidate areas here in East Broward and appended some statistical information about the number of single family homes within 15 minutes’ walk of the “community center,” and provided data about the values of those homes.

  • Congregation Etz Chaim Moves Back To Wilton Manors

    According to the Bible, the Children of Israel wandered for forty years before they reached their Promised Land. This year, Congregation Etz Chaim turns 40, making it the third-oldest LGBT group in South Florida (The Sunshine Cathedral is 42 and the Stonewall National Museum and Archives is 41).

  • Corbin Launches Long Shot Bid for Mayor

    In an emailed statement to The Gazette, Boyd Corbin said he’s running for mayor to get rid of “mismanagement and corruption” by city officials. “Residents are sick of being lied to by the city commission. They are stealing millions from our water bills. They say your water is not green and the tests run on it are just fine. We currently have five times the EPA maximum level for chloroform which is bad for your liver, kidneys and brain. It can give you cancer and is absorbed through your skin. Three other contaminant levels are too high.”

  • County Wants Help With Cypress Stand 92

    Broward County is seeking volunteers to help remove debris and install native plants at Cypress Stand 92. Located on the South Fork of the Middle River on Wilton Drive, the undeveloped park land is owned by the county. Wilton Manors officials have expressed a desire to possibly take control of the 1.43-acre park but neither the county nor the city have taken action yet.

  • Couple Who Sued Over Texas’ Ban on Gay Marriage Tie the Knot

    SAN ANTONIO (AP) — One of the same-sex couples who had challenged Texas’ constitutional ban on gay marriage has finally tied the knot.