Wilton Manors Gazette

  • Column: Greetings from New Jersey

    After all the stress and hard work of dealing with Hurricane Irma, I escaped South Florida for a few days to visit my father in New Jersey. My first day here was spent enjoying a summer-like day in Cape May, with the refreshing ocean breeze and some great seafood. Back at my dad’s place, the autumn evenings mean great sleeping weather, a real treat after all the heat and humidity of South Florida.

  • Column: Happy Fourth of July

    As we celebrate our nation’s birthday this July Fourth, many here in Wilton Manors are faced with a very uncertain future. As Senate Leader Mitch McConnell tries to get away with dumping millions of Americans off of their healthcare insurance, wheeling and dealing in the back rooms of the Senate, many here in our Island City are bracing for the worst.

  • Column: Henny Penny - It’s for Us to Embrace a Two-Lane Future

    Chatter around town and on social media last week reminded me of the folk tale, Henny Penny, with the chicken running around screaming, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” This uproar occurs every time the subject of possible future lane reduction along Wilton Drive pops up. This same response surfaced recently in a discussion of lane reduction and installation of bike lanes along Powerline Road.

  • Column: Hindsight is always 20/20…

    Just a few months ago, most of us would have never expected to wake up on the morning of Nov. 9 to find Donald Trump as the new President-elect.

  • Column: Keeping a Sound City Budget

    The City Commission has approved the 2019-2020 Wilton Manors budget of almost $39 million. While small by most city comparisons, the budget is big to us, and encompasses new programming, capital improvements, and programmed costs for employee health care and collective bargaining agreements. It also maintains the recommended unassigned fund balance percentage of 17%. 

  • Column: Knowing When to Move On 

    As the lyrics from Bradley Cooper’s “Maybe It’s Time,” keep repeating in my head for some reason, my thoughts wander around two possible topics for my article this week - recycling and Joe Biden. 

  • Column: Life’s Just Better Here…

    Last week our City Commission adopted the new city tagline, “Life’s just better here.” Frequent readers of this column will know that I have been advocating this tagline throughout the past year by ending each article with some form of this phrase. I was very happy to see the Mayor and City Commissioners decide to keep the word, ‘just,’ in the tagline, especially after the presenters from Conceptual Communications thought the word “just” was too braggadocious. Wow, you have to love it when someone pulls a word like braggadocious out of our dusty vocabulary chest. As my mind tried to register what the gentleman had just said, I suddenly heard Julie Andrews singing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, um diddle, diddle diddle, um diddle aye.” Snapping back to reality, I listened to the discussion of the word “just” and the tagline as a whole. Conceptual Communications claimed that the word ‘just’ implied bragging in a cocky or arrogant way, thus their use of braggadocious. Commissioner Green stated that Wilton Manors has a lot to truly brag about as a city, and that keeping the word ‘just’ was a good thing. Commissioners agreed and voted unanimously to adopt the tagline as it was originally chosen by focus groups and others –“Life’s Just Better here….”   Bravo, well done!!

  • Column: Looking Ahead in 2020

    As I start to write another article, my first attempt was full of doom and gloom as I look ahead into the New Year. There is no shortage of topics to be pessimistic about during these troubling times. 

  • Column: Meet Me in the Island City

    The Goals & Objectives Workshop marks the beginning of the municipal budget process for the next fiscal year. Two weeks ago, our Mayor and City Commissioners came together with city department managers to discuss upcoming needs, capital expenses, wish lists, and priorities that might be included in the proposed budget document.

  • Column: Missed Connections M4M

    Looking for the handsome gentleman playing darts at GYM Bar ….

  • Column: MLK – Looking Beyond the Dream

    Dr. Martin Luther King Day catches me by surprise each year. Having just made it through the usual holiday madness and finally having a moment to catch my breath, I realize it’s already MLK Day weekend. For most of us, it is a welcome three-day weekend to relax.

  • Column: New Year’s Resolutions

    Hello residents of Wilton Manors. This is your beloved city, here to discuss our resolutions for the New Year and to mention some of the wonderful gifts I received this past holiday season. Unfortunately, Santa did not read the wish list I mailed to the North Pole, because the new IT Director and the fully-staffed Police Department I wished for was not to be found under the tree on Christmas morning.

  • Column: No New Taxes! …Because Life Is Just More Expensive Here

    Heading into the city’s budget process, members of the Budget Review Advisory Committee (BRAC) were happy to see a proposed city budget with the millage rate remaining the same. As in the previous year, we once again see rising property values over 8 percent, which automatically brings in a sizeable amount of additional revenue into the city’s General Fund.

  • Column: Now Wilton Manors Needs An Airport

    Does Wilton Manors really need a train station? It looks as if the almighty city commission is preparing to submit a grant application of $205,000 to study and develop a plan on building a train station in the Island City.

  • Column: OMG, Christmas is here…

    Last week’s regular city commission meeting was cancelled due to our commissioners having previously voted to utilize the second commission date in August as a summer break. Now it’s the beginning of September, Labor Day weekend is approaching, and I am talking Christmas.

  • Column: On a Slow Boat to China

    Those of you not familiar with this old saying, the phrase was popularized back in 1948 by the song, “On a Slow boat to China,” written by Broadway composer Frank Loesser. The phrase moved into general parlance to mean anything that takes a very long time. The idea was that traveling by boat to/from China was about as long and slow a trip as one could imagine. 

  • Column: Out Of Fashion...

    Have you ever wondered if you were born in the wrong era? That somehow you would have been a better fit in some other time? The Roaring Twenties, the social activism of the 60’s, perhaps the Age of Invention around the turn of the Twentieth Century? For most of my teenage years into adulthood, I felt like I was out of step with the times, listening to the beat of a different drummer.

  • Column: Patriotism Isn’t Just for Conservatives; I Love My Country Too

    Recently I spent my Saturday afternoon at the Veterans Day event hosted by the City of Wilton Manors, a fitting tribute to the many men and women who have served in the military of our great nation and deserve our unequivocal gratitude and respect. No one should ever overlook, minimize, or forget their bravery, sacrifices, and service to protect our essential American values, freedom, and way of life.

  • Column: Pride and Honor

    This past week here in Wilton Manors has left me worn out and ready to get some rest. Hopefully any photos taken of me will not be too harsh, since I looked a bit ragged by the time I got home Saturday night.

  • Column: Pride Center Needs to Come Out of the Closet…

    Senate Republicans are not the only ones operating behind closed doors these days. Here in Wilton Manors, Pride Center CEO Robert Boo and his self-appointed board also like doing business back in the closet, away from watchful eyes of the community.