Bata’s Beats

  • Bata’s Beats: ‘Call The Comet’

     It has become increasingly difficult to find contemporary music, throughout most genres, that truly shakes the soul, is timeless, and makes you want to jump up and and down and cheer. 

  • Bata’s Beats: LADYTRON-Video Included

    Sometimes it takes two or three listens to appreciate and erase from the mind any pre-conceived ideas of what you were hoping for from an artist. That was the case with me on Ladytrons latest self-titled sixth full length studio album, where they seem to have cornered the market on music to party to during the apocalypse.

  • Bata’s Beats: TOY-‘Happy In The Hollow’

    January and February are slow months for new music. Both tend to drag like one long Monday -- leaving us feeling trapped in the post holiday doldrums. A lot of musicians wait until the summer for maximum sales and exposure.

  • Music Review: Morrissey - World Peace is None Of Your Business - 2014

    Morrissey is a dark comedy, which is how he describes the state of the world around him through his lyrics. The first few notes of “World Peace Is None Of Your Business,” his 10th solo studio release, starts off a little slow mixing cultures from different continents, utilizing tribal native American drums serenaded by the gentle cry of an aboriginal Didgeridoo, signaling that the listener might be in for something different from past efforts.

  • Music Reviews: My Top Albums and Tracks of 2014

    Responding to music is a personal and subjective experience. So in the spirit of subjectivity, here is my subjective opinionated list of favorites from 2014, a year that your favorite 80's bands and artists seemingly came back from the dead and mostly showed us why we loved them to begin with — and of course there are some new exciting bands on the horizon.

  • Music: Disclosure - Caracal

    In 2013, a Billboard Magazine article headline heralded Disclosure as, “The New Faces of House Music” -- and they were right. Disclosure can be patted on the back for being largely responsible for returning House music to the forefront of popular culture after it went out of vogue, and disappeared into the underground about a decade ago.

  • Music: Janet Jackson - Unbreakable

    A few years ago when I was reaching the inevitable end of my thirties a friend suggested we take a visit to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. I went along not expecting to enjoy the experience. It was my first time walking through the gates to the “magic kingdom” since probably the age of 10. After a life full of personal drama, living through inward and outward wars, I couldn’t help but focus on the lines that stretched on for days and the high ticket prices.

  • My Album of the Year: The London Sessions by Mary J. Blige

    The London Sessions - Mary J. Blige's triumphant return from first note to last is my top pick for album of the year — just in time, because 2014 was dismal in the Long Play format (also known as the LP).