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  • Discrimination Cases Argued Before SCOTUS 

    It was the second day of the court’s 2019-20 session, and the two hours of arguments Tuesday, Oct. 8, were split between cases involving discrimination based on sexual orientation and discrimination based on transgender status. 

  • Gay Conservative Confirmed to Appeals Court 

    The U.S. Senate voted 53 to 40 on Tuesday afternoon to confirm an openly gay man to the nation’s largest federal appeals court. 

  • Keen: There is No “Shortest Way” to The White House for Buttigieg

    The last paragraph of Pete Buttigieg’s autobiography, The Shortest Way Home,” could almost serve as a summary of “The Wizard of Oz.”The protagonist rushed to “escape the hometown that had shaped me,” then “slowly and imperceptibly” came to see “the meaning I sought was to be found very close to where I had begun….” 

  • Mayor Pete Claims Victory in Iowa Despite Caucus Chaos

    Openly gay Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg declared his campaign to be “victorious” following the caucus voting in Iowa Monday night, even though a huge controversy was unfolding because the Iowa Democratic Party could not report results due to a “quality control” issue.

  • Nevada Slugfest: Warren & Buttigieg Score Solid Points

    “Horse-faced lesbians.” That was one of the first barbs flayed against the Democratic presidential field’s newcomer, Mike Bloomberg, Wednesday night, in the party’s most combative debate yet.

  • Russians Targeted LGBT Voters During 2016 Election 

    A Russian social media operation aimed at helping Republican nominee Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election included efforts to polarize voters around LGBT issues and, in some cases, pushed LGBT voters to support Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

  • Supreme Court analysis 

    U.S. Supreme Court observers are more reluctant than usual to try and predict how the court might come down on the always hot-button issue of rights for LGBT people. There is a newly minted conservative majority on the court since the last LGBT case was heard and, this time, the bench’s reliable swing vote in favor of equal protection –Justice Anthony Kennedy—is in retirement.

  • The Biggest National LGBT Stories of 2019 

    One might argue that 2019 was a pretty good year for LGBT people. An openly gay man rose to the top tier of a large field of Democratic presidential candidates. A second openly LGBT person was sworn into the U.S. Senate.

  • Trump Admin Tries To Circumvent Lower Courts On Trans Military Ban

    The Trump administration has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to vacate a national injunction that is currently blocking the president’s proposed ban on transgender people in the military.