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  • Arizona To Pay $200,000 To Lawyers Who Won Gay Marriage Case

    PHOENIX (AP) - Lawyers who persuaded a judge nearly a year ago to overturn Arizona's same-sex marriage ban will receive $200,000 from the state to cover attorney fees and other costs in bringing the legal challenge.

  • Big Story: Houston Blocks Equal Rights Ordinance

    The major news story of the week.

  • Column: 40 Years of the Parliament House

    As part of the Parliament House Orlando’s 40th anniversary celebrations, David Bains of the GLBT History Museum of Central Florida ( premiered a documentary, “40 Years of Parliament House,” which told the story of the resort and its place in Florida’s LGBT history. Though I could not make it to Orlando for the festivities, I had the opportunity to view “40 Years of Parliament House” online.

  • Column: Bush 45?

    On the day that the State of Florida celebrated its first same-sex marriages, former Governor John Ellis “Jeb” Bush realized that marriage equality was now the law of the land.

  • Column: Coming Out in the Country Music

    I love country music. Through the years my love of country and western music has inspired me to amass a sizable collection of country CDs and tapes, though my country collection is still not at large as my rhythm & blues or jazz collections.

  • Column: Coming Out is Quickly Becoming No Big Deal

    One of the musical events of 2014 is the emergence of singer Sam Smith. Smith, a 22-year old from London, has been called “a male Adele” who “looks like the child of K.d. Lang and Boy George.”

  • Column: Florida Man #1 - George Zimmerman

    Florida Man is an Internet meme that links news stories about unusual or strange stories out of Florida, particularly those where the subject is referred to as “Florida Man.” Featured on Twitter (@_FloridaMan), Reddit ( and Tumblr (, Florida Man showcases the crimes, follies and misfortunes of the Sunshine State’s most unique characters.

  • Column: GNI’s NakedFest: A First-Time Experience

    As most people know, Gay Naturists International (GNI) had to cancel its annual Gathering this year because of a scheduling conflict. Instead, GNI hosted its first-ever NakedFest at Camp Ramblewood in northern Maryland, a venue more convenient than the Poconos for those of us who travel the Auto-Train from Florida. Holding NakedFest in early August also worked to my advantage, since my day job kept me from attending the late-August Gathering, year after year. Though I have been a proud member of GNI since 2000, NakedFest 2014 is the first time that I attended a GNI event.

  • Column: Godwin’s Universal Law

    I will start this article with an undisputed truth: The Nazis were evil. As rulers of Germany and conquerors of most of Europe, Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers’ Party killed tens of millions of human beings. Though they are most infamous for their genocidal murder of six million European Jews (in the Shoah or Holocaust), the Nazis also combined prejudice with power in the extermination of countless Roma Gypsies, Slavs, LGBT people, people with physical or mental disabilities, political dissidents, allied troops and anyone else whom they did not like (which included almost everybody). Hitler’s “Thousand Year Reich” (thankfully shortened to twelve years) set a standard for totalitarianism matched only by the Communist regimes of Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong. Almost 70 years after the end of World War II, Hitler and the Nazis are remembered as the epitome of evil, just as WWII itself is still referred to as “The War.”

  • Column: Happy 5th Birthday, SFGN

    South Florida Gay News is five years old. The child of Norm Kent and Pier Angelo Guidugli, SFGN flourished at a time when many print publications went out of business.

  • Column: Houston Has a Problem

    Now more than ever we must stand with our trans sisters and brothers

  • Column: Interfaith Services: Unity and Celebration

    Religious groups – churches and synagogues – are among the LGBT community’s most durable organizations.

  • Column: Israel - A Wider Bridge Creating Change

    The National LGBT Task Force’s annual Creating Change conference is often grounds for controversy and this year’s conference, held at the Hilton Hotel in Chicago, was no exception. The most contentious event on its schedule was a reception organized by A Wider Bridge (AWB), a group that foster relations between the State of Israel and the LGBT community, with representatives from Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance.

  • Column: Our LGBTQ Leaders

    LGBT leaders, like the late Rodney Dangerfield, get no respect. We expect them to be paragons of perfection, impeccable role models without flaw. They cannot have outside jobs, interests, friends or partners, because they could get in the way of full time service to the cause. We expect them to do the dirty work for us and complain if they fall short. We bewail the lack of a queer Martin Luther King, Jr. or Nelson Mandela, without realizing that a King or a Mandela can only emerge from a supportive base.

  • Column: Owning Stonewall

    Roland Emmerich is a filmmaker who is best-known for directing blockbusters like “Independence Day” (1996) and “The Day After Tomorrow” (2004). For his latest project Emmerich, who is openly gay, filmed a dramatization of the most important event in LGBT history, the Stonewall Uprising.

  • Column: Telling Tales - For LGBT History Month

    When I came out 40 years ago, I learned much of what it is to be gay from older gay men, Hispanic and Anglo, who I met in Miami’s then-flourishing gay bars. (There were more gay bars in Miami in 1974 than there are in 2014.)

  • Column: Terrorism and Politics

    2015 has been a particularly violent year in the U.S. Since Jan. 1, there have been 353 mass shootings in the U.S. However, none of the shooters got the attention given to Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashleen Malik, the married couple who on Dec. 2 killed 14 people and injured 22 more at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, where Farook worked.

  • Column: The Book of the Year - ‘Blue, Too, More Writing By (For or About) Working-Class Queers’

    In 2005, the gay-owned Suspect Thoughts Press published “Everything I Have Is Blue: Short Fiction by Working-Class Men about More-or-Less Gay Life” edited by Wendell Ricketts. The book was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award and also appeared on my own list of the best books of 2005.

  • Column: The Incredible Dolly Parton

    Of all musical genres, country music is the one that seems most willing to accommodate female stars. The greatest of them are the stuff that country dreams are made of: Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette and Reba McEntire. Though a case could be made for any of these ladies, in my opinion Dolly Parton is the greatest of them all.

  • Column: The Life and Times of Mark Segal

    Mark Segal is one of the major actors in the struggle for LGBT equality in the U.S. Most people know him as the award-winning founder and publisher of Philadelphia Gay News, one of our oldest and most important community newspapers.