• Column: Is God Here For All Of Us Or Just Some Of Us?

    Despite the tumultuous domestic times in which we live, there’s reason to give thanks for God has graciously gifted us much – each one of us. We give thanks for the wonder and bounty of creation and pray humanity will be a good steward for future generations.

  • Column: One Family United in God

    Their names were Balthazar, Caspar and Melchior…at least according to biblical tradition. But very little is known of them, and what is known is based on traditional stories and interpretations more than any information of a decidedly factual nature.

  • Faith: The Right Reverend Grant Lynn Ford

    There is Not a Spot where God is Not,” “The Light of God Surrounds Us,” “God Is,” “I AM a Child of God” and “That’s the Truth!” This is a small sample of some of the universal “spiritual truths” taught by the late The Right Reverend Grant Lynn Ford. Grant was “New Thought” decades before New Thought theology was cool.