Medical Marijuana Card

  • Business Spotlight: 4health 'Simplifying Medical Marijuana Cards'

    4Health Medical Marijuana Certifications clinic in Plantation has simplified the process of obtaining your state issued medical use card. Open since June, the clinic is housed in a professional office setting and most patients complete their office visit in under an hour. Clinic administrator Angie Maione says that the goal at 4Health is to make the process as simple and smooth as possible. “Our patients are typically suffering with ailments like including chronic pain, cancer, severe anxiety, depression and a host of other chronic conditions. The last thing we want to do is provide barriers for obtaining a medical marijuana use card.”

    4Health is providing a different experience for patients. Many clinics are housed in strip malls with what Maione calls a “Turn them and burn them mentality.” She warns the many clinics are taking advantage of patients and providing misinformation about how often they need to see a physician and ultimately costing patients more.

    All certifying physicians at 4health have left their medical practices to focus solely on helping medical marijuana patients. According to Maione, “We are not a side business for a physician, we only work with doctors who are committed to natural methods of healing and believe in the medicinal properties of medical marijuana.”

    If you'd like to join the many people who are reducing the number of toxic pharmaceuticals they take, medical marijuana may be right for you. New patients can call the office at
    754-529-HERB (4372) to set up an appointment to meet with a certifying physician and get entered into the state’s system.