• CNN’s LGBT Town Hall: Historic but Filled With A Lot of Unexpected Drama

    The bar had been set pretty high for CNN’s Oct. 10 town hall on LGBT issues for Democratic presidential candidates. 

  • Critic Pens New Drama About Gay Playwrights

    Terry Teachout is the powerful theater critic for the Wall Street Journal. His reviews often can make or break a new show, boosting ticket sales or sending down the final curtain.

  • Popular Gay Web Series, ‘Eastsiders’ Draws To A Close

    Since 2012 the dark comedy drama “EastSiders” has delighted audiences and critics alike.

  • Review: Tiger Orange

    Former gay porn star Johnny Hazzard co-stars in gay family drama

  • The Nance - Nathan Lane Stars In 1930s Gay Drama

    A Nance, according to theatrical terminology of the 1930s, is a stock character meant to represent the stereotype of the “effeminate homosexual.” In Douglas Carter Beane's acclaimed new play “The Nance,” out gay actor Nathan Lane plays Chauncey Miles, who plays a variety of nance characters in a low rent burlesque house in late 1930s New York City. Chauncey is tired — he yearns for a more serious acting career. He's alone, lonely and embittered.

  • Tomlin At Her Best In Bittersweet Film

    A movie about a wisecracking grandma and her teen granddaughter, racing around in a beat-up car to find $600 by nightfall. You might think it sounds like any number of mediocre road comedies out there, full of trite generational gags and sporting a sappy, all-is-forgiven ending.