• Faith: The Written Word

    At United Church of Christ Fort Lauderdale, the 4 Sundays of January 2019 have and are focusing on the theme of “New Beginnings”.

  • Faith: We Must Talk With Our Enemies, Not Our Friends

    I am writing this piece from Washington, DC, at the annual AIPAC Policy Affairs conference. AIPAC stands for American-Israel Policy Affairs Committee, and exists to maintain the positive relationship between the US and Israel.


    I am taking this opportunity to invite one and all to worship at Christ Lutheran Church.  Worship is at the center of what we do and who we are as Church. 

  • Faith:1'st Congregational United Church of Christ in Lake Worth

    At First Congregational United Church of Christ in Lake Worth, we begin our worship service with the words, “No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

  • Faith:Two Over-Arching Stories And Woe To Those Who Confuse The Two

    I’m fond of saying that the Bible can best be thought of as containing two over-arching stories. The first is the story of humanity. 

  • Gay and Christian, Loving Your Neighbor

    Dear Editor, At Church of the Holy SpiritSong, our tagline is #loveneighbor, and that’s exactly what we seek to do. Not such an easy task, being a Christian church in the heart of South Florida’s LGBTQ Community. 

  • Jesse’s Journal: Communities of Faith

    Organized religion has not been kind to the LGBT communities. Traditional Judaism, Christianity and Islam treated sexual and gender diversity as “abominations” worthy of death or worse. 

  • Looking Back While Moving Forward

    The most horrific violence against a Jewish community in the US occurred on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018. On that day, a violent man took his violent beliefs and intentionally murdered eleven Jews as they gathered for prayers in a synagogue.

  • New Year’s Resolutions – Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?!

    Why bother with New Year’s Resolutions? Too often they are little more than frustrating starts to the rest of our lives. But what if we crafted more than party favors? 

  • Not Just A Congregation…A Family!

    (CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH) “Grow in Faith, Serve Those in Need,and Draw All People to Christ.”  We are Christ Lutheran Church…and this is ourMission Statement.  That we have a mission statement at all is to guarantee, or at least seek to be, all that our Mission as a church calls us to be.  It is why we refer to it in this introduction to the community we serve.

    At the heart of who we are is a worshipping community.  We worship according to the ancient liturgical forms of the church which have been handed down and continually enhanced by gifted writers and musicians. Therefore the liturgy, that is, our worship service, is both at the same time historical and contemporary, joining us with all the faithful who have gone before us and paving the way for those who follow. The liturgy is drawn from the living Word of God and seasoned by the needs and concerns of our day.  The service is vibrant and authentic, drawing our attention at all times out of ourselves and into the presence of God. The message is always about God's love for us all and Christ Jesus empowering us to go into all the world bearing this good news to the world around us.

    While who we are as a congregation is grounded in worship, it is that worship that enables us to be who we are in and with the community we serve—particularly Wilton Manors, Oakland Park, and greater Ft. Lauderdale. Most importantly, in this service and as an indispensable element to whowe are—as a congregation grounded in Christ, and formed in the Lutheran faith tradition—we are a community that is welcoming and open to all.  Which is why, among the images that you will see upon first entering our church, is the symbol of Reconciling in Christ.  “The Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Program is for congregations, synods, colleges, seminaries, and other Lutheran organizations. Lutheran communities that publicly welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are accepted onto the Reconciling in Christ Roster which now exceeds 813 settings” ( Christ Lutheran Church is one among these gathering places where all are welcome to worship, gather for fellowship, join for education (both children and adults), and participate in service to the community (in the collection of food for donation as well as our monthly bazaars). 

    Christ Lutheran is also a place where relationships are formed and fostered.  Not only are all welcome, but all are brought into relationship with one another.  We worship, serve, and laugh together.  We enjoy our time together deepening our relationship with God, and with one another and we share in each other’s joys and comfort one another in times of sorrow.  

    We are not just a congregation, we are family… one which on this and all other years comes home for the holidays.  For, at Christ Lutheran Church, we are a family that is borne of the HolyFamily—Mary, Joseph and our Lord Jesus—and we gather in a home to which all are invited, to turn and return to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Come and join the Christ of Christmas.

    Edwin, this photo is for above the article It is larger than the text box, but I’d like it “cut off” on the bottom below the shadow of the cross (in the small circle of light between the chairs and the large floor mosaic.) If it’s possible, I’d also like it “cut off” at the top so it shows a bit less ceiling (but I couldn’t do that edit for some reason.)  Edit as needed to get mostly from the cross in the light at the bottom to just above the windows and Jesus wall upfront.  Deborah


  • Oakland Park Is Trying To Shut Down Father Bob's Soup Kitchen

    All Saints Catholic Mission has fed the poor since 1990. While the City of Oakland Park has tried to shut them down for the past eight years.

    The battle between the church and the city recently escalated when All Saints sued the city on the basis of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.