• Faith: History Needn’t Repeat Itself 

    June is PRIDE Month! Around the world, we celebrate the freedom to love. Today, especially in the United States, this translates to parades and really big parties. Like other celebrations, we seem to have lost the serious origins of our festivities.

  • Faith: How Good We Have To Be

    Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the twin towers of the Jewish High Holidays, also known as the Days of Awe. During the ten days that boundary them we are called, invited, cajoled, commanded and adjured to take stock of our behavior during the past year.

  • Faith: Johnathan Gave David His Heart

    As I announced in my last article, I will be writing a series of articles probing the nature  of the relationship between David, later to become the most famous king of Israel, and Jonathan, the son of King Saul.

  • Faith: Jonathan & David, The Wonder of Biblical Love

    Rather than write a short, stand-alone article, I intend to write a series of articles which explore the relationship between David, of David and Goliath fame, and Jonathan, the son of King Saul.

  • Faith: Journey To Easter And Acceptance – As One Loved By God

    We are in the final weeks of the Lenten season of preparation for Easter, which began on Ash Wednesday. Sometimes we need to “adjust” our relationships with God, our family and friends, and how we treat the world around us. This recognition and adjustment is what the Church means by “repentance.”

  • Faith: Laugh, Love, And Serve

    We are in the Season After Epiphany or, as our Roman brothers and sisters say, “Ordinary Time.” To understand this time of year it’s helpful to think of the not so ordinary. We’re not waiting for Christmas, as in Advent. And Christmastide itself has, it seems, long since passed, but it’s not yet Lent and certainly not Easter.


    We Christians quote Jesus often: “Love One Another.”  But – we often say it with reservations. After all, we believe that “Love one another” applies only to those immediately around us, those who are the “another” in the quote are our families, friends, our “tribe,” those who are like us. We feel the freedom, the justification to be ambivalent, even filled with hate, toward others.

  • Faith: Mai Hanukkah?

    The Talmud is compendium of Jewish questions and (sometimes) answers that were compiled over hundreds of years of oral discussion.

  • Faith: MCC Responds to Massacre at New Zealand Mosques

    The horrific violence of coordinated terrorist acts that killed 49 individuals worshipping in mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, is a call to action for people of faith including Metropolitan Community Churches.

  • Faith: Memorial Day, Make Love Not War

    I always think of my childhood when reflecting on Memorial Day and the three-day weekend it’s become. I was the only one in my immediate family born in the North. We often would go “down home” for Decoration Day. Some of my southern-born blood relatives were not joking when they disdainfully called me a “Yankee.” 

  • Faith: Our Place at the Table

    It is important to remember the story of Stonewall. The same way that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in the fight against racism, the LGBT person who refused to give up her seat at the Stonewall Inn because of homophobia also changed history.

  • Faith: Our Spiritual Lives

    There are two major holiday seasons in Judaism, the High Holidays in the Fall and Passover/Shavuot in the Spring. Passover, the celebration of freedom from slavery is connected to Shavuot, the celebration of God’s gift of Torah on Mount Sinai by the Omer, the 49 day period between them during which we are invited to consider again our spiritual lives within the context of our history.

  • Faith: Pride

    A few weeks ago the Gospel presented to us Jesus meeting a person filled with demons.  He comes seeking.  Void of identity.  Lost to the past, lost to the present and with no future.  This person, like us, stumbles down to the water and meets his destiny in Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • Faith: Pride

    Between June 12-21 I took my first trip to Israel in 25 years. I was fortunate to be invited to join the tour of A Wider Bridge,a North American organization working through education, advocacy, relationship-building and grant-making to create equality in Israel by expanding LGBT inclusion in Israel, and equality for Israel by cultivating constructive engagement with Israel.

  • Faith: Pride Didn’t Begin in 1969

    Pride month has passed. For many, especially the younger people among us, pride is about parades and parties, celebrating and just being out in the community — out as LGBT, out in the community, out to the world.

  • Faith: Purim, Revealing the Hidden         

    The frivolity of the upcoming Purim holiday is one sign of the month of Adar, of which it is said, when Adar comes, joy is increased!


    Easter Reflections: For me, any reflection on Easter begins and ends with the Great Vigil – a service which occurs only once each year. The Great Vigil of Easter largely takes place in the dark – between sundown on Holy Saturday and sunrise Easter morning.

  • Faith: Thanksgiving… NO THANKS!

    I have to admit that in my younger life I had little appreciation for Thanksgiving.  I mean, I got the idea of being thankful for blessings received and our daily bread and for the gift of love (both Divine and UN Divine!) and all that.  I got it.  But the day itself.   Lord help me.  Anything but THANKS.

  • Faith: The Two Biblical Stories of Creation Contain Truth Beyond History or Science

    I explained in a previous article it is best to understand the Bible as two broad, over-arching stories – the first being the ugly account of humanity filled with murder, lust, adultery, greed, incest, rape, pillage, and loads of violence (all of which is in the Bible) and the second as God’s story of love, forgiveness, acceptance, peace and joy.

  • Faith: The Wonder of Biblical Love

    Last month I presented what I believe to be strong evidence that David and Jonathan were far closer than the Church and most scholars have officially admitted. We reviewed, among other elements, the diatribe King Saul launched against his son, Jonathan.