• City To Offer Assistance To Two First Time Home Buyers 

    (WMG) One of the least affordable cities in the Broward County will soon be offering first-time buyers affordable housing assistance.

  • Finding Your First Home

    With rental prices continuing to rise you may find the thought of buying more enticing. Of course the only problem is that housing prices are going up fast as well. Unless you have well over a 6-figure income you may feel as if it’s not possible to find a house that you would actually want to live in. As a first-time homebuyer I felt the same way, but doing some research and getting some help from an experienced and patient realtor ended up proving me wrong. My search took almost a year, but in the end I found a house that was perfect for me at this stage in my life.

  • House Approves Equality Act to ban Anti-LGBT Discrimination

    (WB) For the first-time ever, a chamber of Congress has approved legislation — with bipartisan support — that amend the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 to ban comprehensibly discrimination against LGBT people.