2018 History Month

  • 2018 History Month

  • America’s First Equality Governor: Milton J. Shapp Of Pennsylvania

    In April of 1975, a groundbreaking event occurred in the fight for gay and lesbian equal rights. In Pennsylvania, a state not generally known for liberal politics, a courageous and progressive governor, Milton J. Shapp, signed an executive order that banned discrimination in state government. This was the first state in the nation where a governor had taken such action. It would be another four years before another state would take such a bold move.

  • Florida's Panhandle Once Hosted the Largest LGBT Gatherings in the Country

    Emma Jones was one of the greatest LGBT allies in the 1960s in northern Florida. Too bad she didn’t actually exist.

  • Lesbian Erasure: Part One, Defining Lesbianism

    *Author’s note: for the purposes of space, except for brief references, this article focuses on lesbian couplings in the U.S.

    Lesbians exist.

  • Willyce Kim Wrote Her Own Story

    Willyce Kim is the first Asian-American lesbian writer to be published in the U.S. She spent her childhood years in Hawaii and California, and graduated from San Francisco College for Women in 1968. Kim was influenced by musicians such as Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and writers including Adrienne Rich and Diane Di Prima.