Trans Talk

  • Trans Talk: Being Trans Isn’t All I Am

    Believe it or not, not everything I do is about being transgender. Sometimes, I even forget I am trans. It’s always there in the back of my mind, but it doesn’t influence every decision anymore, at least not in the way it consumed me when I was first coming out and medically transitioning.

  • TRANS TALK: Coming Out Trans … When I Knew

    (Mirror) The typical transgender narrative is that the person knew they were in the wrong body since they were young. They were certain and they never wavered in their truth. However, there are a lot of trans people like myself whose story isn’t quite so clear cut. 

  • Trans Talk: Navigating the World as a Trans Couple

    I’m getting married on Saturday and in almost every aspect of the wedding planning, my fiancé and I had to think about the fact that we’re both transgender. For anyone who’s ever been married or helped plan a wedding then you know how stressful it can be.

  • Trans Talk: Some Trans Men are Feminine

    Some trans men are feminine. Trans men do not have to be masculine in order to be male.  Some trans women are masculine. Trans women do not have to be feminine in order to be female. 

  • Trans Talk: The Complicated History of People of Trans Experience

    While to many it may seem that transgender people are a new and recent phenomenon, trans individuals have always existed.