Historians and anthropologists say that our relationship with humans started 15,000 years ago when, with the development of agriculture, your forebears became more sedentary.

  • Column: “Stonewall” Whitewashes and Erases Trans History

    We should not accommodate the bigotries of straight and cis people

  • New Document Sheds Light on Role of K9s during Pulse Attack

    (AP) When the shooter claimed to have explosives during the Pulse nightclub shooting rampage in June, two bomb-sniffing dogs got a "positive hit'' on his vehicle outside the gay bar.

  • OpEd: Along Came a Dog

    I grew up and lived all my life without a pet. Actually for about two weeks, one summer eons ago, we had a dog. It’s a memory that could fit in a Fellini movie. “Amarcord” comes to mind.


    Of all the warlords of history, none have managed to equal the feats of Alexander the Great, born in 365 B.C. in Macedonia. He led his army in an epic mission of global conquest, creating the largest empire that had ever existed up to that time at the age of just thirty-five.

  • Pets: A Very Good Girl

    It’s not how big you are, but how well behaved and Sady (ID 570937) is a very smart and well behaved gal. At 93 pounds and 2 years old, Sady is a big girl, but that just means there is a lot of her to love.

  • Pets: Belle

    Beautiful Belle (ID 607352) is just 8 months old and ready to find a family to love her forever. Originally adopted from another shelter, Belle is homeless again now that her family is moving and can’t take her along. This gal is active, friendly, playful and loves all cat toys that move! She is good with kids age 5 and up, but has never lived with other pets. Can Belle be your Disney princess?

  • Pets: Bruno

    Fun-loving Bruno (ID 611440) can’t wait to meet you at the Humane Society of Broward County.  At just three years old and 61 pounds, Bruno looks like a boxer mix. 

  • Pets: Bruno

    Nine-month-old Bruno (ID 621754) is 72 pounds of fun and love. This spirited fellow is a big puppy who likes durable squeaky toys and is eager to learn.

  • Pets: Buttons

    If you're looking for a new best friend, I hope you will pick me, Buttons (ID 629980). I’m a 4-year-old mixed breed gal, who weighs 50 pounds. I love to be around people and I love mealtime and treats. The shelter is not sure how I am with other dogs, but I need a home without cats or small animals. Thanks to JR Dunn Jewelers, my adoption fee is sponsored, so can I be part of your family? One thing you should know, I am heartworm positive, so my new owner will need to bring me back to the shelter to be treated a few times. Heartworm disease is spread from the bite of an infected mosquito and it is not contagious to people or other pets.

  • Pets: Cali

    Jazz (612364) enjoys all types of music and would love to listen with you. This beautiful gal is three years old and 70 pounds of sweetness. Her previous owner described her as very friendly, loves toys and she knows some basic commands.

  • Pets: Disney

    Sweet Nero is shy at first, but don't let that fool you. This very friendly fellow, who is just over a year old and weighs 12 pounds, gets along with everyone – adults, children, dogs, and other cats! He is on the lazy side, though!

  • Pets: Duke

    Beautiful Boo Boo (ID 602984) would love to have a new family for 2019! This five-year-old gal was abandoned at a vet office after her family no longer wanted her. She spent some time with a foster family over the holidays and they only had wonderful things to say about her.

  • Pets: Homo Pets

    If you've ever had a pet, you may have wondered if your dog or cat can be gay. You may have seen your dog mount another pup at the dog park — or watched as your cat seemed only to groom her female litter mates while ignoring her brothers. Since house pets don't often couple up with a significant other, these questions may just be speculation. However scientists and anthropologists are paying close attention to the possibility.

  • Pets: Mako

    Calling all BIG dog lovers…Mako (ID 610104) is waiting to meet you. At two years old and 91 pounds, this big fellow is super playful and ready to have a good time.

  • Pets: Marshmallow

    Want to add s’more fun to your family? If so, meet Marshmallow (ID 619818) a one year old, 51 pound gal whose name describes her…she is snow white in color and is as sweet at the confectionery treat. Marshmallow is friendly, playful, loves to be with people and she knows a few basic commands.

  • Pets: Roxy

    Roxy (ID 605455) is a seven-year-old gal who has the most beautiful eyes and markings. She came to the shelter on Black Friday, but we’re hoping she’ll have a home for the holidays and beyond.

  • The Dog Who Saved My Life

    As of March 24 I’ve been taking testosterone for five years. Among my friends, I like to refer to that as my Manniversary – that is, the date that I celebrate the beginning of my transition. For myself and many others who correlate a specific date to the beginning of their transition, I celebrate it like a second birthday.

  • Your New Family Members are Waiting!

    Adorable and sweet, that is the best way to describe Lebbil (ID 567503).  This handsome fellow is a 3 year young, long-haired fellow who is also a Hemmingway which means he has extra toes on his front feet.  Sadly the landlord said “no pets” so now Lebbil has to fi nd another family to love… could it be you?  He gets along with other pets and likes kids 5 and up.


    SFGN Puppies1

    After having a family for 10 years, Nova (ID 567577) now is in search of a new home. This fellow is a 56 pound Labrador retriever mix who gets along with people of all ages and other pets. Nova is described as being very calm and extremely loving. He is a big cuddle bug who likes to play fetch. Can you open up your heart and home to him?


    When you adopt from the Humane Society of Broward County all pets are spayed or neutered before going home.  In addition they receive preliminary vaccinations, heart worm test for dogs over seven months, feline leukemia test for cats, a limited 10 day health care plan courtesy of VCA Animal Hospital, a bag of Purina ONE food and more.  The adoption fee for dogs over six months is $100 and felines over six months are $30.  For more information call the shelter today at 954-989-3977 ext 6.  The Humane Society of Broward County is located at 2070 Griffi n Road, just a block west of I-95 and opens daily at 10:30 a.m.  To see who else needs a home visit