• In Uganda, Nurse Accused of Spreading HIV

    Goaded by journalists who wanted a clear view of her face, the Ugandan nurse looked dazed and on the verge of tears. The Ugandan press had dubbed her "the killer nurse," after the HIV-infected medical worker was accused of deliberately injecting her blood into a two-year-old patient.

  • Indiana Couple Proud That Son's Legacy Lives On 25 Years Following Death From AIDS

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — In the summer of 1989, Doris Fox received a phone call in her Bloomington home from a family friend, informing her that her 33-year-old son, Tom, would likely not survive the night.

  • Insurance Transitions In Store For Some HIV Patients

    The AIDS Insurance Continuation Program (AICP) has begun to move some of its clients to Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace plans or to AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and Ryan White Care (RWC) programs. AICP provides assistance with payments for comprehensive health insurance to low income people infected with HIV. This program is moving only those clients with plans terminating December 31, 2014. All AICP clients should maintain HIV coverage throughout this transition, but some AICP clients may be losing coverage for conditions other than HIV. Those clients eligible for the federal ACA subsidies are moving to comprehensive ACA marketplace plans. Those clients ineligible for Federal ACA subsidies are moving to ADAP and Ryan White Care program and loosing insurance coverage for non-HIV conditions.

  • Internet Sex Ads, HIV infections, and Invisibility

    In early February, Newsweek reported on Jason Chan and Anindya Ghose’s study that claimed ads for casual sexual partners on resulted in large numbers of new HIV infections. When the mainstream press covers a research study about hot button issues, a good study can have unintended negative consequence, and a bad study can become the basis of policy. This study has serious problems in design, assumptions and in its citations that reduce its credibility. Gay/bi and other men who have sex with men became invisible in this study of the Internet and HIV transmission.

  • Intimate Theatre Stages Gay 1980s Drama

    Almost hidden away on a side street in Fort Lauderdale’s arts district is a play about friends coping with crisis.

  • Intravenous HIV Treatment Seeks FDA Approval

    A new way to treat HIV is in the works.

  • Iowa Legislature Passes HIV Transmission Bill

    The Iowa Legislature has sent to the governor a measure lessening the penalties for people who unknowingly expose someone to HIV with no intention of infecting them.

  • Iowa Modernizes Cruel HIV Criminalization Law

    Iowa LGBT and HIV/AIDS-help organizations celebrated a victory May 30 when Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed an HIV Bill that will overturn the existing measures against those with HIV and AIDS.

  • Iowa Supreme Court Considering Whether To Uphold Conviction Under Iowa's HIV Transmission Law

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Supreme Court heard arguments Monday on whether it should uphold the conviction of a man with HIV who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for not telling a partner he carried the virus when they had sex.

  • Israel to Begin Enlisting HIV-Positive Soldiers

    The Israeli military said Tuesday it will begin enlisting soldiers who are HIV-positive, in a policy shift putting the country at the forefront of military inclusivity toward people with the virus that causes AIDS.

  • January Report from South Florida AIDS Network

    The South Florida AIDS Network (SFAN) functions as the networking/advisory body for the Ryan White Care (RWC), Part B grant in Broward County. Its monthly meetings are open to the public

  • Japan's First Official Same-Sex Couple Celebrate Union in Tokyo

    (CNN) -- A row of cameras waits outside the Shibuya ward office. Security officers try to contain the gaggle of journalists, but more keep coming as the clock ticks closer to opening time on Thursday morning.

  • Jesse's Journal: Lost Pioneers - For World AIDS Day

    Recently the Dolphin Democrats of Broward County honored 15 LGBTA (for straight Ally) Pioneers at their Annual Awards Gayla. (Full disclosure: I was one of the honorees.)

  • Judge Orders Seattle Man To Work With AIDS Patients


    A federal judge ordered a Seattle man to work with AIDS patients and the poor for his role in threatening a former congressman.

  • Judge Says Georgia's Gay Marriage Ban Can't Be Enforced

    (AP) - A federal judge in Georgia has ruled that the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage cannot be enforced.

  • Judge Sides with AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Dismisses Suit

    (AP) A federal judge ruled in favor of one of the nation's largest suppliers of HIV and AIDS medical care, clearing it of wrongdoing in an alleged $20 million scam to bilk the federal government.

  • Julian Bond, Civil Rights Leader And Former NAACP Chairman, Dies At 75

    (CNN) -- Julian Bond, a lifelong civil rights leader and former board chairman of the NAACP, has died. He was 75.

  • Juliette Love, A Friend Indeed

    South Florida’s LGBT and HIV/AIDS communities suffered a great loss when Juliette Love, renowned activist and board member of the Pride Center at Equality Park, died on May 4 after a brave struggle with cancer. Though Love was a straight woman, her capacity for compassion and love, especially for those affected by HIV or AIDS, made her a valued and beloved friend of the LGBT community.

  • July News From South Florida AIDS Network

    An SFAN member brought up a problem that some of his clients had reported. John Marangio reported on the treatment of Hepatitis C, an infection that co-occurs frequently with HIV infection.

  • July Report from SFAN

    This article discusses the July 13 meeting of the South Florida AIDS Network (SFAN). SFAN is the advisory body for the Ryan White Care (RWC) program of the Florida Department of Health in Broward.