• HIV Planning Council Report

    This article discusses the monthly meetings of the HIV Planning Council (HIVPC) and those of the South Florida AIDS Network (SFAN). The HIVPC is the planning body for Broward County’s Ryan White Care Program (Broward-RWC). SFAN is the advisory and networking body for the RWC program of the Florida Department of Health in Broward (FL-DOH RWC). Each meeting welcomes newcomers.

  • HIV Positive Gay Man Elected NYC Council Speaker

    The second most powerful position in New York City politics is now held by a gay man living with HIV.

  • HIV Returns In Mississippi Girl Hoped To Have Been Cured

    A Mississippi girl born with the AIDS virus and in remission for more than two years despite stopping treatment now shows signs that she still harbors HIV — and therefore is not cured. The news is a setback to hopes that very early treatment with powerful HIV drugs might reverse an infection that has seemed permanent once it takes hold.

  • HIV Testing Uncommon in Teens Despite Recommendations: CDC

    CHICAGO (AP) — Fewer than 1 in 4 high school students who've had sex have ever been tested for HIV. That's according to a government study that found the rate didn't budge over eight years, despite recommendations for routine tests.

  • HIV Treatments Eliminates Risk of Transmission New Study Confirms  

    The risk of passing on the HIV virus is completely eliminated by an HIV treatment regimen, a landmark study has shown, in a significant boost to the prospects of ending the AIDS pandemic.

  • HIV-Positive Doctor Says His Dog Saved His Life

    CHICAGO -- Rob Garofalo was devastated. He'd built his medical and research career on helping young AIDS patients. Then he learned that he, too, was HIV-positive. The news came after he'd already survived kidney cancer and a breakup with his longtime partner.

  • HIV-Positive Firefighter Alleges Harassment

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A San Francisco firefighter filed a legal claim alleging that colleagues and managers harassed and discriminated against him after learning he tested positive for HIV.

  • HIV-Positive Man Gets Years in Prison for Unprotected Sex

    An HIV-positive Pennsylvania man was sentenced to 33 to 66 months in prison for having unprotected sex with three women he didn't tell about his condition.

  • HIV+ Basketball Player Kicked Out Of Game Recognizes Chance To Make A Difference

    Kissimmee – An openly gay St. Cloud man kicked out of a basketball league for being HIV-positive is turning his experience into a chance to educate about the realities of HIV and how it spreads.

  • Homophobia and Racism Still Factors in High Rates of HIV in Black Community

    February 7 marks National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

  • Hornet Gay Social Network Ups Its HIV Prevention on Website

    Hornet Gay Social Network, one of the largest gay mobile apps, adds another in-app tool for AIDS prevention.

  • How America Woke Up to AIDS: Rock Hudson's Death, 30 Years Later

    (CNN) -- It promised to be a quiet afternoon of old friends reminiscing.

  • HRC Backs Use Of HIV-Prevention Pill

    NEW YORK (AP) -- The largest U.S. gay-rights organization Saturday endorsed efforts to promote the use of a once-a-day pill to prevent HIV infection and called on insurers to provide more generous coverage of the drug.

  • In Global AIDS Fight, Supply Chain Methods Called into Question

    Faced with a steep cut to its budget, the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) continues to seek efficient and effective ways to operate.

  • In HIV Funding, Fort Lauderdale’s Campbell Foundation Raises Profile

    Fort Lauderdale is home to one of the top funded HIV/AIDS philanthropic organizations worldwide.

  • In Uganda, Nurse Accused of Spreading HIV

    Goaded by journalists who wanted a clear view of her face, the Ugandan nurse looked dazed and on the verge of tears. The Ugandan press had dubbed her "the killer nurse," after the HIV-infected medical worker was accused of deliberately injecting her blood into a two-year-old patient.

  • Indiana Couple Proud That Son's Legacy Lives On 25 Years Following Death From AIDS

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — In the summer of 1989, Doris Fox received a phone call in her Bloomington home from a family friend, informing her that her 33-year-old son, Tom, would likely not survive the night.

  • Insurance Transitions In Store For Some HIV Patients

    The AIDS Insurance Continuation Program (AICP) has begun to move some of its clients to Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace plans or to AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and Ryan White Care (RWC) programs. AICP provides assistance with payments for comprehensive health insurance to low income people infected with HIV. This program is moving only those clients with plans terminating December 31, 2014. All AICP clients should maintain HIV coverage throughout this transition, but some AICP clients may be losing coverage for conditions other than HIV. Those clients eligible for the federal ACA subsidies are moving to comprehensive ACA marketplace plans. Those clients ineligible for Federal ACA subsidies are moving to ADAP and Ryan White Care program and loosing insurance coverage for non-HIV conditions.

  • Internet Sex Ads, HIV infections, and Invisibility

    In early February, Newsweek reported on Jason Chan and Anindya Ghose’s study that claimed ads for casual sexual partners on resulted in large numbers of new HIV infections. When the mainstream press covers a research study about hot button issues, a good study can have unintended negative consequence, and a bad study can become the basis of policy. This study has serious problems in design, assumptions and in its citations that reduce its credibility. Gay/bi and other men who have sex with men became invisible in this study of the Internet and HIV transmission.

  • Intimate Theatre Stages Gay 1980s Drama

    Almost hidden away on a side street in Fort Lauderdale’s arts district is a play about friends coping with crisis.