• 15 Countries Condemn Russia’s Lack of Response to 2017 Homophobic Purge

    Human rights groups raised a red flag in Chechnya last year when authorities were arresting, torturing and executing gay people, but Russia’s government refused to intervene, leaving 15 members of theOrganization for Security and Co‑operation in Europe (OSCE) unhappy.

  • Anti-trans Stickers Appear in Edinburgh

    Edinburgh, Scotland has been the recent site of anti-transgender stickers posted in public places, and theEdinburgh University’s Students’ Association has started a campaign to remove them. 

  • Europe Passes Resolution to Protect Intersex Rights

    The European Parliament made history by passing the first resolution to protect intersex rights.

  • European Court: Forced Sterilization of Trans People Violates Human Rights

    (WB) The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday ruled the forced sterilization of transgender people who are seeking legal recognition of their gender identity violates their human rights.

  • European LGBT Movements Mobilizing and Rising

    Update: This story has been updated with statistics from ILGA-Europe's November 2017 report.


    The LGBTI human rights organization, ILGA-Europe, held their annual conference this year in Warsaw, Poland from Nov. 1 through Nov. 4.

  • Gay ‘Chemsex’ Linked To Rise in HIV Cases in Europe

    Chemsex parties, when people get high and have sex for days with a number of partners is gaining popularity in Europe, which has led to a rapid spread of HIV.

  • Italian Court Accepts U.S. Lesbian Couple’s Adoption

    A lesbian couple’s U.S. adoption has been recognized in Italy after being rejected by the Bologna City Council and Italy’s Interior Ministry.

  • LGBT Travel: Amsterdam, The LGBT Capital of Europe  

    (Mirror) After passing through Airport Schiphol a couple of times on my way to other destinations over the years, I finally kept a promise to myself and landed there on my birthday for a stay in the LGBT capital of Europe and the birthplace of gay rights — Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • Official: Wurst Win Good For European Gay Rights

    Conchita Wurst By Albin Olsson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

    PARIS (AP) - The head of Europe's leading human rights body is praising Conchita Wurst's Eurovision victory as a positive sign that freedom of expression is thriving, and that Europeans are "allowed to shock."

  • Pride Celebrations in Europe Mark 50 Years Since Stonewall

    MADRID (AP) — European cities celebrated LGBT pride on Saturday, July 6 with colorful parades that also became platforms for political demands and a push back against far-right populist parties.

  • Priest Welcomes LGBT Members into the Church at a Vatican World Conference

    LGBT advocate Reverend James Martin’s speech at the Vatican-sponsored World Meeting of Families received a standing ovation. The event focused on reversing church stereotypes about gay people.

    The community should be loved and listened to like Christ welcomed marginalized communities, he said, instead of being treated “like lepers by the church.” He also argued that the church tends to focus on the sexual morality of the LGBT community, while the same thing is ignored with straight Catholics, according to the Washington Post.

    “By not welcoming, by excluding LGBT Catholics, the church is falling short of its call to being God’s family … Many if not most LGBT Catholics have been deeply wounded by our church. Apologize to them,” Martin said.

    Martin has had talks cancelled by organizers in the United States due to conservative groups pushing against his message, but this talk in Dublin, Ireland went through despite petitions that it be called off.

  • Romania May Change Marriage Definition to Oppose LGBT Couples

    Romania’s citizens will vote on whether or not to tweak the definition of marriage from “spouse” to specifically one man and one woman on Oct. 7.

  • U.K.’s Chief Rabbi Publishes LGBT-Inclusive Orthodox Jewish School Guide

    Ephraim Mirvis, chief rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, has released a guide encouraging staff at Orthodox Jewish schools to accept LGBT children. 

  • UK’s Brighton Pride Hosts Queer Prom

    Brighton Pride lasts for three days and usually attracts about 400,000 attendees, and one of the featured events on the first day of its celebration was a Queer Prom.