third gender

  • New York City Allows Third Gender Option on Birth Certificates

    The New York City Council and Board of Health have voted to include a gender-neutral “X” category on birth certificates starting the first day of 2019.

  • Trans Indian Woman Makes Appeal for Trans Bathrooms Across the Country

    After appealing to her university to make bathrooms for transgender students, a transgender student is now attempting to make that appeal country-wide.

    Dhananjay Chauhan Mangalmukhi had issues two years ago as Punjab University’s first openly transgender student. She told the Hindustan Times that few classmates understood gender identity and faced many troubles at the university.

    “Harassment was common,” she told the Times. “The so-called educated students would pass distasteful comments, laugh. Had I retaliated, everyone would have become my enemy. So, I just ignored things.”

    She was forbidden from entering the women’s restroom and was bullied in the men’s restroom.  She needed a solution, so she wrote to PU’s vice-chancellor and succeeded in an appeal to build separate restrooms for trans students.

    Now, with India’s Supreme Court rule to decriminalize gay sex, she is appealing to the country to build bathrooms for transgender people everywhere in India.

    Mangalmukhi was encouraged to apply for Punjab University after they included a “third gender” option on their admissions forms in 2015, according to the Times.