The Crown Princess of Norway, Mette-Marit, traveled in secret to India to care for the infant twin boys born to the surrogate mother of a gay palace employee, who was denied a travel visa.

Mette-Marit traveled to India in late October, posing as the children's nanny. She did not alert Indian authorities, and spent several days with the babies at the Manav Medicare Centre.

The princess considers the employee a friend, and did not hesitate when he and his husband were unable to travel. A relative of the couple took over for Mette-Marit, and the men were finally granted their visa and were able to travel to India in November to pick up the twins to bring them back to Norway.

"For me, this is about two babies lying alone in a New Delhi hospital," Mette-Marit said in a statement. "I was able to travel and wanted to do what I could."

Norway was the second country in the world to register same sex partnerships in 1993, and same sex marriage was legalized in 2009.

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