• Dolphin Dems Hold Election; Make Endorsements

    Dolphin Democrats, the LGBT democratic group of Broward County, held its annual membership meeting and elections Wednesday. They also revealed their upcoming endorsements, and featured several guest speakers.

  • Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund Endorses 18 Out LGBT Political Candidates

    The world of American politics has (in most areas) gotten far gay-friendlier since Harvey Milk first entered the scene so long ago. Today, we have an openly gay senator, mayors, congressmen, and more. Still, LGBT politicians can face opposition while in office in the form of discrimination from their peers, or, depending on where they are running for office, LGBT candidates might be not voted for due to their sexual orientation, regardless of wherever they may stand on the issues.

  • Local Endorsements

    Endorsements from Equality Florida, SAVE and PBCHRC

  • Midterm Election Guide 2018

    On November 6, Florida residents will vote in their respective party’s primaries.