• Column: I just can't quit you, Uber

    (CNN) -- I have a confession: I love Uber.

  • Dominican Cardinal Calls Gay US Official a 'Wife' in Spat

    SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) — A Dominican cardinal upset over comments that the U.S. ambassador made about corruption in his country has said the openly gay diplomat should focus on homemaking.

  • Gainesville Celebrates Pride

    This small town festival continues to grow

  • Gay Emoji Keyboard to Hit Phones February 13

    We’ve seen phone companies roll out more and more inclusive emojis over the year — from emojis of same-sex couples and families to the pride flag emoji.


    App company MajestyK is planning to tip the scales even further with their new emoji keyboard that will offer a full-blown selection of LGBT-themed emojis and will introduce “witty typography,” that will feature well known phrases such as “Bye Felicia” and “Do you Boo!”


    “HOMOJI is the newest emoji keyboard app for iPhones offering over 100 gay themed emojis, including colorful animals, flags, symbols and emoticons,” Brandon Thomas, Senior Account Director of Southard Freeman Communications said. Southard Freeman is working with Majestyk on the new keyboard.


    “MajestyK is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community and its goal in developing this keyboard was to create a social experience that truly speaks to how gay men and women communicate with one another,” Thomas continued.


    The app has already been through a successful trial period, and will be available to consumers everywhere on February 13.

  • Google Debuts Mobile-Pay Service in 2nd Try

    Google's answer to the Apple Pay mobile-payment service is debuting in the U.S., marking a do-over by the company behind the world's most-used operating system for smartphones.

  • Grindr Releases its ‘Best of Awards’ for 2014

    Grindr, the popular gay dating and hook up app, surveyed its users to reveal this year’s ‘Best of Awards.’ Grindr users from the U.S., the U.K. and Australia weighed in on everything from their gay icon of the year, and best coming out story, to the biggest enemy of the LGBT community and the next celebrity to come out.

  • Grindr Shuts Down Its LGBT News Site

    INTO, the online LGBT magazine owned and operated by gay dating app Grindr, laid its editorial staff off this week, effectively ending the digital publication’s 17-month run.

  • Lesbians Who Tech Confab Offers Ideas on Gender Equality and Gun Control

    Net neutrality could be a channel toward gender equality. Financial incentives may repair diversity. Tech might fix the gun problem.

  • Mozilla Names Interim CEO After Gay-Marriage Controversy

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Mozilla appointed an interim CEO on Monday, as the company attempts to move past a controversy over same-sex marriage that forced out its previous chief.

  • SFGN Nites for July 29 - August 4, 2015

  • Tech: The Pursuit of Happy Couple

    We’ve all been there. Sure, love is grand but it can also be difficult. Between the arguing and disagreeing, sometimes we need help. Then I was told about an app that caters to couples! I was fortunate enough to speak with the staff of this interactive new app called “Happy Couple” to ask a few questions.