• Burger Wars: Who Makes the Best Burger?

    Who doesn’t LOVE a great burger? To me, there are three parts to dynamite burger; the buns, the meat, and the additions you choose. I like a lightly toasted bun, a nice thick, juicy piece of cooked meat, plenty of greens, a spicy Monterey jack cheese, and throw on some jalapenos, bacon, and a chipotle ranch dressing and you’ve got my perfect burger.

  • Raising the Bar: Local taverns dish up tasty fare

    It wasn’t that long ago that the closest most bars came to serving food was the olive in your martini (and no, it doesn’t count as a serving of fruit). While we all know you shouldn’t drink and drive, there’s nothing wrong with an occasional “drink and dine” experience. Recently, quite a few places in WilMa have stepped up their game when it comes to the food they serve, all the better to keep you happy and at the bar.

  • Rick's Reviews: Three New Burger Joints Open up in the Fort Lauderdale Area 

    Long ago in a galaxy not so far away, Wendy’s hamburger chain coined a catchphrase, “Where’s the beef?” that, as we now say, “went viral.” It became so popular that it was even used as the title of a porn film.