“Mexico Supreme Court ruled gay marriages in Mexico City are recognized throughout the country.” Great news, too bad it happened two years ago—yet the story made its way to the homepages of LGBT news sites (including SFGN) on Aug. 22.

Who exactly started spreading the old news isn’t clear. SFGN found out about it while performing its daily routine of checking Twitter to see what stories were trending on the web. Users were tweeting about the Mexico story, and we jumped on it right away.

It wasn’t until a day later when a reader commented on the story that we found out the Mexican Supreme Court ruling was from 2010. Yes, we made a mistake, and we apologize for it.

The story we saw was by the Associated Press. We thought it was fresh; it turns out it was as rancid as rotten fish.

We were not the only ones to fall for it.

Queerty, one of the most popular LGBT news websites around, published a story on Aug. 22 under the headline “Gay Marriages Performed in Mexico City Legal Throughout the Country.” The story has now been deleted, but there are still traces of the mistake: a Google search for Mexico+Gay+Marriage brings up the link of the now-deleted story.

A composite story written by Belky Perez Schwartz at Examiner.com on the same subject and published on Aug. 22 lists the following LGBT news outlets as original sources: Huff Post Gay Voices, South Florida Gay News, Associated Press, Gay Star News.

We’re not sure if these other news outlets listed along with SFGN also messed up, or if they did and later deleted their mistakes.

Coincidentally, on that same day the Gay Star News published a story titled “Mexico's states debate gay marriage laws.”

The story expands on the same topic, adding as the latest news bit that “the northern state of Coahuila will consider modifying the state's civil code in order to permit same sex couples to marry.”

Did they update the story at a later time to cover up the mistake, or did they get the story right from the beginning? We can’t know for sure.

On Aug. 24, I opened my email and saw a new newsletter from Queer Times. Can you guess what I found when I opened it? Yes, the Mexico story, listed as the first item under international news.

Mistakes like this happen, especially nowadays; technology makes our lives more dynamic, and makes the news more dynamic. Sometimes we need to slow down and think for a second.

Again, we apologize.



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