• 57 Nigerian Men Detained for Gay Sex and Charged with Cult Involvement

    A Nigerian court detained 57 men for having gay sex in a Lagos hotel, and have charged them with conspiracy, unlawful gathering, and belonging to a secret cult.

    This isn’t the first time people at hotels in Nigerian states have been accused of and arrested for homosexuality. Six men in were arrested earlier this month in a hotel in Abia, and 42 men were arrested in a hotel in Lagos last year as well. Depending on the area, the punishment for homosexuality is either up to 14 years in jail or being stoned to death. 

    All of the men pleaded not guilty, and most said they were just at a party.

    The police just barged in and arrested people … They also accused us of being homosexuals. I am not one, I went there to party. They also accused us of being initiated but no initiation material was founded with us or at the venue,” one of the accused said, reported Pink News.

  • Activists Want Gay Rights On Africa Summit Agenda

    Human rights and gay rights activists on Tuesday urged President Barack Obama to ensure that the issue of anti-gay discrimination in Africa is on the agenda at next week's summit in Washington with more than 40 African leaders.

  • Africa's Anti-Gay Movement Spreads to Ethiopia

    Ethiopia flag

    Two groups in Ethiopia say they will hold an anti-gay demonstration in the capital.

  • Anti-Gay Gambia Dictator Loses Re-election

    The Gambia is over for Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh, President of Gambia – who once promised to “slit the throats” of all homosexuals – lost his bid for re-election.

  • Author And Retired Diplomat Talks Africa, Travel, and HIV

    Michael Varga is a playwright, actor, author, and retired diplomat who’s worked all around the world. Varga served in Chad, hotspots throughout the Middle East, and in Canada.

  • Data Shows PEPFAR Plan Making An Impact In Africa

    The fight to eradicate AIDS is working in three African countries.

  • Florida May Hold the Key to HIV-Funding for Africa

    Trump’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) includes cuts of $1.08 billion in global AIDS funding. On June 6, Hilary McQuie of HealthGAP spoke at the World AIDS Museum about those cuts. She spoke about how they would affect HIV in African countries.

  • Gay Rights Activist Arrested in Cameroon

    DAKAR, Senegal (AP) Activists say the vice president of a Cameroonian gay rights organization was arrested after his name was included on a list of presumed homosexuals given to police.

  • Kenyan LGBT Organization to be Legally Recognized as a Charity

    Kenyan court ruled that the National Gay Lesbian Human Rights Commission can be classified as a non-profit. 

  • Lesbian Film, Rafiki, Sells Out and Breaks Box Office Records in Kenya

    “Rafiki,” a movie about two women falling in love, wasKenya's Film and Classification Board in April for “promoting lesbianism” in a country where homosexuality is illegal.

  • Malawi Will Not Arrest, Prosecute Gays Despite Anti-Gay Laws

    JOHANNESBURG (AP) — The Malawian government has reaffirmed its decision to halt the arrest and prosecution of gay citizens while lawmakers review existing anti-gay laws.

  • Mandela a Hero to Gays, Yet Bias Rampant in Africa

    AP National Writer (AP) -- Africa's gays are looking for their own Nelson Mandela -- someone who will rescue them from violence and a raft of laws that criminalize gay sex.

  • Mass Gay Conversion Therapy Program Created in Ghana

    The National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values is holding a gay “cure” therapy forum in Ghana. More than 400 people have signed up.

  • Pets: From Africa to You

    Meet Garfield (ID 596307), a cat with an amazing story! Originally from Africa where his previous owners lived, this fellow is toilet trained, will come to his name when called, takes baths, and he does not jump up on your furniture. Despite his strict training, he is quite playful and adventurous, and he even gets along with dogs. Can Garfield be your new BFF?

  • Pope: There are Bigger Issues Than Condoms and HIV

    Pope Francis has dismissed a question about whether condoms can be condoned in the fight against AIDS by saying there are more important issues confronting the world, like malnutrition, environmental exploitation and the lack of safe drinking water.

  • President of Ghana: Legalisation of Homosexuality ‘Bound to Happen’

    In certain terms, Ghana’s president Nana Akufo-Addo said that while same-sex marriage is not on the country’s agenda as of yet, the issue is sure to be addressed in the near future.

  • Queer Dance Artist Looks to Open LGBT Conversation in Botswana

    Activism comes in many forms in Botswana, but Lesh Maseng’s show G.A.Y. is breaking society’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” attitude through contemporary dance.

  • Queer Podcast Looks Into What It’s Like to be LGBT in Africa

    A podcast called “AfroQueer,” produced by African digital media company None on Record, has uploaded four episodes on the lives of LGBT people in Africa.

  • Quiet Diplomacy Faulted for Africa's Anti-Gay Laws

    DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — Last month, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni met in his office with a team of U.S.-based rights activists concerned about legislation that would impose life sentences for some homosexual acts. South African retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu joined them by phone, pointing out similarities between Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill and racist laws enforced under South Africa's former apartheid government.

  • Science Clears ‘Patient Zero’ From Fathering AIDS Epidemic

    In a narrative changing announcement Wednesday, researchers exonerated Gaétan Dugas, a.k.a. Patient Zero, from starting the HIV/AIDS epidemic.