Humane Society

  • Pets: Rosie

    If you’re looking for a mellow gal, who enjoys sunbathing and being pet…look no further six year old Rosie (ID 609186) is the gal for you. This sweetheart is 44 pounds of pure love.

  • Pets: Sabrina

    After having a home my entire life, the new landlord said I had to go. I’m hoping someone who adores felines will give me a home…could it be you? My name is Sabrina (ID 613799) and I’m a five year young gal plays like a puppy and enjoys all types of toys! I’ll sleep in bed with you by your feet and am good with kids ages five and up. Please can I go home with you?

  • Pets: Sabrina

    After having a home my entire life, the new landlord said I had to go. I’m hoping someone who adores felines will give me a home…could it be you?

  • Pets: Sansa

    She's gorgeous. She's fierce. She's the Queen of the North. Well, not really, but she can be the Queen of your Heart. Meet Sansa (ID 616617). Like her namesake Game of Thrones character, Sansa has been orphaned and is looking for a forever home.

  • Pets: Sasha

    A very special gal that needs a home is Sasha (ID 333707) an incredibly sweet 11 year old, 43 pound dog.

  • Pets: Social Butterflies

    If you’re looking to add something sweet to your life Caramel (ID 588613) could be perfect for you. This three year young gal sadly was given up because her family had too many pets. Now Caramel may look a bit different since she only has one eye, but that doesn’t stop her from showering you with love and affection. Caramel gets along with kids ages two and up, and enjoys the companionship of other felines and dogs too. Can she be part of your family?

  • Pets: Strong Fellows

    After having a home for six years Samson’s family has now decided they have too many pets and he needs to find another family. Samson (ID 594260) is a six year old English bulldog mix who weighs 81 pounds. This fellow knows basic commands, is super friendly and loves to chew on bones and enjoys treats! Samson is a strong fellow who is energetic and gets along with other dogs. Don’t pass up this fellow with the wrinkly face just because he grew up…he has a lot of spunk and is ready to have fun!

  • Pets: Sweet Casper

    Sweet Casper (ID 616000) is the largest cat at the shelter this week, tipping the scales at 18.2 pounds!  This fellow is 10 years old, but certainly doesn’t act his age as he likes to play with laser light toys and anything that moves on a string.  Casper is a bit independent, but will be sure to wake you in the morning to remind you to feed him.  Oh, and be sure you don’t mind sharing your covers….he may want to sleep in bed with you.

  • Pets: Sweet Holiday

    Sweet Holiday (ID A623863) is almost 2 years old and has already spent several holidays at the Humane Society of Broward County...

  • Pets: Sweet Sally

    Sweet Sally (ID 594136) is looking for a family who will spoil her with daily playtime and squeaky toys. This 3 year young gal, is 49 pounds and likes people of all ages. Sally is going to do best in a home where she is the only pet, that way she can have all your attention. She enjoys going for walks and enjoys meeting new people. Do you have room in your heart and home for her?

  • Pets: Two Of a Kind

    Sweety (ID 607255) and his brother Mikey (ID 607256) have such a sad story. Their beloved owner passed away quite some time ago, and no one in their family could take them in.

  • Pets: Viviana

    Adorable Viviana (ID 606741) is just two years old and weighs 53 pounds. She was a transfer from another shelter, so we don’t much about her past, but we do know she is friendly, playful and loves meeting new people.

  • The Perfect Time to Adopt A Bundle of Fur

    Four-month-old Otis (597382) wants to snuggle and cuddle in bed with you.  This little fellow is just one of many adorable felines looking for a forever home.  Shelters across the country are inundated with kittens this time of year, so if you’ve thought about adopting a bundle of fur now might be the perfect time.  Whether you’re looking for stripes or solids, spotted or swirls there is a feline for everyone’s selection.