Humane Society

  • Pets: From Puerto Rico to Your Heart

    Sabrina (ID 588505) came to us in January from a shelter in Puerto Rico. While her previous life is a bit of a mystery, the staff and volunteers know that the fastest way to this girl’s heart is through belly rubs!  She simply cannot get enough belly rubs – she wiggles, shakes, and makes the cutest faces!

  • Pets: Gives Hugs and Kisses

    Four year old Lotis (ID 503965) has a super sweet personality and loves to give hugs and kisses!  She knows basic commands (when she want to), likes people of all ages, is potty-trained and gets along with other dogs and cats.  Can this fun-loving gal be part of your family? 

  • Pets: Goldie Girl

    Eight year old Goldie (ID A593503) is a sweet gal who loves to be with people and loves to be petted. She came to the shelter as a stray and when her owner was contacted, they said they didn’t want her anymore and that we should find her another home. Goldie knows there is another family that will give her a loving home…could it be yours? Goldie gets along with kids of all ages and other dogs. She knows basic command and is eager to please. Can she spend her future with you?

  • Pets: Handsome Jetty and Darling Wendy

    Handsome Jetty (ID 597060) is 2 years old and full of fun and love. His parents were DNA tested, so this fellow is part Great Dane, Boxer, and Labrador among other things. He enjoys the companionship of small dogs and cats and loves going to the dog park. While he isn’t a fan of water, he does enjoy going to the dog beach just to get his paws sandy. Jetty knows basic commands, is potty-trained and likes people of all ages. Can he be part of your family?

  • Pets: Handsome Prince

    If you like big dogs Prince (ID A593205) wants to be part of your royal family.  At just 10 months old, this Mastiff mix already weighs 86 pounds and he isn’t done growing!  Prince gets along with other dogs, is good with kids ages 5 and up, is very affectionate and playful and knows basic commands.  He thinks he is a lap dog and likes to snuggle.  Prince also like to play with toys.   Do you want to snuggle with Prince?

  • Pets: Inseparable Duo

    Five year old Nani (ID 592020) a cattle dog mix, and her BFF Buddy (ID 592019) a Labrador mix, are looking for a home where they can stay together. This duo are inseparable and after having a home their entire lives, someone developed allergies and now the pair are in search of another family to love. Nani and Buddy get along with people of all ages, are potty-trained and they both like to play. If you are looking to add sweet, well-mannered dogs to your family…this pair could be perfect for you.

  • Pets: Irresistible Smile

    How can you resist that smile? Three-year-old, 68 pound Diesel (ID 597678) wants to be your new friend.  This fellow is very playful and loves people who want to play with him!  Diesel is a happy boy who is adventurous, so be sure you have time to devote to him.  Diesel is heartworm positive, so his adopting family will need to bring him back to the Humane Society for his treatment.  There is no additional charge to the adopter for this life-saving treatment.  

  • Pets: Jasmine

    Eleven-month-old Jasmine (ID 597712) is 70 pounds of puppy love. This gal has lots of energy, so she’ll need a family who can devote time to playing with her on a daily basis. Jasmine likes to play with toys, especially those that squeak.

  • Pets: Kenji

    Handsome Kenji (ID 605842) currently is the oldest feline waiting for a second chance at the Humane Society of Broward County. This fellow is an 11-year-young 13-pound British shorthaired mix feline who is sterling gray color with big round face and golden eyes.

  • Pets: Lola

    Looking to adopt a showgirl? If so, please pick me… Lola (ID 606775). After having a home for eight years, my family moved and the landlord said I had to go. My family was sad they had to give me up, but only had great things to say about me. I know basic commands and act like a puppy. I enjoy playing with toys and will even entertain myself if you’re busy. I like people of all ages and get along with other pets. I really like to swim, so if you have a pool that would be terrific! Please don’t pass me by just because I grew up. Adopt me and you won’t be disappointed. 

    After having a fabulous home my entire life the new baby is allergic to me and my family was devastated they had to give me up. They loved me dearly, but I just couldn't be around because the baby had a hard time breathing. So you know more about me...My name is Pokey (ID 606136) and I'm a sweet gal, but might be shy at first. If you tap your shoulders, I will jump into your arms. I like to cuddle at night and my favorite toys are ones that crinkle. Can I please go home with you? Also, I'm front-declawed.

    The adoption fee for dogs over 6 months is $100, puppies are $250, felines over 6 months are $30 and kittens are $60. When you adopt from the Humane Society of Broward County the dogs and cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped, receive preliminary vaccinations, cats are feline leukemia tested, and dogs over 7 months are tested for heartworm. They also receive a flea/tick preventative, a 14-day limited health care plan from VCA Animal Hospitals, 30 days of Trupanion Pet Insurance and a bag of Purina ONE pet food. The HSBC opens daily at 10:30 and is located at 2070 Griffin Road, a block west of I-95. For more details call 954-989-3977 ext. 6. To see who else is looking for a home visit

  • Pets: Looking for A Cuddle Bug (or Dog or Cat)

    Are you looking for a cuddle bug to snuggle with? 

  • Pets: Lots of Cuddles

    If you’re looking to adopt a pet that is out of this world, than Jupiter (ID 588988) is the feline for you!  Jupiter is an eight year young fellow who is great with kids of all ages and has a lot of patience. He enjoys being held, has a mellow personality and is eager to find a family to love. Can you make his wish come true and give him a forever home?

  • Pets: LULU

    Lovely Lulu (ID 612641) hopes you’ll take her home. This one year old gal is sweet, loving and likes to hang out wherever you are. She might be a little shy when she first moves in, but give her a few days to adjust and then she will be your BFF.

  • Pets: Luna

    Lovely Luna (ID 538070) is also three years old and weighs almost as much as Snoop the dog! She is a sweetie, who doesn’t mind being held is curious about new things. Luna enjoys playing with feather toys, a laser toy and loves a good roll in some catnip.

  • Pets: Mako

    Calling all BIG dog lovers…Mako (ID 610104) is waiting to meet you. At two years old and 91 pounds, this big fellow is super playful and ready to have a good time.

  • Pets: Marshmallow

    Want to add s’more fun to your family? If so, meet Marshmallow (ID 619818) a one year old, 51 pound gal whose name describes her…she is snow white in color and is as sweet at the confectionery treat. Marshmallow is friendly, playful, loves to be with people and she knows a few basic commands.

  • Pets: Maxie

    Can 5-year-old Maxie (ID 616872) be part of your family? This gal, with the great smile, is good with kids ages 5 and up. She also enjoys the company of other dogs, but will do best in a home without felines since she likes to chase them.

  • Pets: McArthur

    If you’re looking for a fun-loving dog to be part of your family look no further… McArthur (ID 603502) is your guy! While his past is a bit of mystery, he was transferred to the Humane Society of Broward County from another shelter, what we do know is six-year-old 70-pound McArthur thinks he is lap dog!

  • Pets: Milo

    Magnificent Milo (ID 612030) is three years old and 16 pounds of cuddles. He loves to play with ALL toys, especially those with feathers.

  • Pets: Milo

    Marvelous Milo (ID 384740) hopes you have room in your heart and home for him. At nine years young, and 71 pounds this fellow has a lot of competition with all the younger dogs. Sadly he was given up because his owner lost their home and had nowhere to go with him.