Humane Society

  • Adoption: Hurricane Rescue

    Sweet Sabrina (ID 588505) came all the way from Puerto Rico to find her forever family.  The island is still trying to recover from Hurricane Maria and Sabrina is hoping for a better life here in South Florida.  This brindle beauty is a five year young,  55 pound Labrador retriever mix who enjoys meeting new people, is playful and loves attention and treats.  If you’re looking for a walking partner, should could be the one for you! 

  • Pets: 17 Pounds of Love

    This might be a great close-up of my face, but I’m 17 pounds of love! My name is Jpeg (ID 594263) and I’m a seven year young, front declawed, long-haired fellow who was given up because the landlord said I had to go. I really don’t understand, I never bothered him. I’m very friendly and mellow and love to be pet. I get along with other pets and really hope a big cat lover will give me a home. Could it be you?

  • Pets: Aleah

    Cuteness overload! Meet 9-week-old Aleah (ID 614909) who weighs just 1.7 pounds and would love to go home with you. Aleah is just one of many adorable kittens looking to be adopted at the Humane Society.

  • Pets: Apollo

    Poor Apollo (ID 627605) hasnt had the best life.  He was adopted as a little pup two years ago from another shelter and lived his life in the backyard.  

  • Pets: Arnold

    Adorable Arnold (ID 612545) wants to be part of your family. At just 15 weeks old, this fellow purrs and purrs when you pet him. Arnold spent time in a foster home with other pets and got along just fine. He loves to cuddle and is curious about new things. Can he go home with you? 

  • Pets: Attila

    Nine week old Attila (ID 615900) came all the way from Puerto Rico to find her forever family. This adorable cutie is curious and playful and will need plenty of training, so be sure you have time to devote to her.

  • Pets: Bashful Boy

    Some call Popcake (ID 589316) a senior cat, which simply means he has years of experience in the fine art of friendship! This sweet boy is a bit bashful around strangers, but he is affectionate and loving once you get to know him. Popcake loves hanging out with his fellow felines in one of our community cat rooms and thanks to J.R. Dunn Jewelers his adoption fee has been sponsored…he just needs a family to love, could it be you?

  • Pets: Bean

    At just a mere two pounds and nine weeks old, little Anne (ID 614668) would love to be part of your family.

  • Pets: Best Friends Forever

    Briar (ID 590130) and Peaches (ID 590131) are looking for a home where they can stay together, can you make their wish come true?  Briar is a five-year young shepherd mix and his BFF is Peaches, a two year American Staffordshire terrier mix and this duo are at the shelter because their owner died and no one in the family could take the pair in.  This duo love to go for walks and play with each other.  They will do best in an active home, where they can be showered with TLC.  Can you make their wish come true?

  • Pets: Brownie

    If you like big cats, stop by the Humane Society of Broward County and meet fabulous Brownie (ID 623199) a chunky gal, who is 8 years young and tipping the scale at 17 pounds.

  • Pets: Bruno

    Nine-month-old Bruno (ID 621754) is 72 pounds of fun and love. This spirited fellow is a big puppy who likes durable squeaky toys and is eager to learn.

  • Pets: Bundle of Roses

    Fun-loving Rose (ID 591451) is a two year old, 37 pound, Basset Hound mix with short legs and a big loving personality. Rose enjoys going for walks, meeting new people and going for car rides. She also likes to snuggle. Rose came to the Humane Society of Broward County from another shelter, so we are not sure why her family gave her up. What we do know is she will make one family very happy.

  • Pets: Bunny Hop

    Thinking about getting a bunny?  Well hop on over to the Humane Society of Broward County because there are several to choose from including eight month old Clover (ID 591756).  This fellow was purchased from a pet store, but the landlord said no pets and since he wasn’t returnable, Clover now finds himself in search of another home.  This fellow is sweet, curious and is good with people of all ages.  Can he be your BFF?

  • Pets: Buttons

    If you're looking for a new best friend, I hope you will pick me, Buttons (ID 629980). I’m a 4-year-old mixed breed gal, who weighs 50 pounds. I love to be around people and I love mealtime and treats. The shelter is not sure how I am with other dogs, but I need a home without cats or small animals. Thanks to JR Dunn Jewelers, my adoption fee is sponsored, so can I be part of your family? One thing you should know, I am heartworm positive, so my new owner will need to bring me back to the shelter to be treated a few times. Heartworm disease is spread from the bite of an infected mosquito and it is not contagious to people or other pets.

  • Pets: Cai

    Are you looking for a fun-loving, friendly fellow to be part of your family? If you said yes, stop by the Humane Society of Broward County and meet Cai (ID 614989).

  • Pets: Calvin

    Thirteen-year-old Calvin (ID 617666) is currently the oldest feline waiting to be adopted at the shelter. Sadly his owner passed away and now this longhaired, front declawed fellow is looking for a home to spend his golden years. 

  • Pets: Cana

    Four-year-old, 50-pound Cana (ID 622080) is a fun-loving gal who likes to meet new people and enjoys cuddling.

  • Pets: Coal

    Got balls???  Spalding, Wilson, Chuck-it??????  If so, I am your man!  I make fetch happen. 

  • Pets: Coco

    Four month old Coco (ID 607540) can’t wait to keep you entertained! This sweetheart is playful with other felines, good with kids ages three and up…but she might be a little shy until she settles in. She looks like a miniature black panther and likes to stalk her toys. Stop by and meet Coco…you may just fall in love.

  • Pets: Cupcake

    Meet fun-loving Cupcake (ID 526558). This 5-year-old girl is a wonderful family dog, for she loves small kids, other dogs, and is extremely playful and affectionate.