Anthony Vincent claims he’d been harassed by police because of his sexual orientation. The Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) community aide was pulled over on Feb. 15 in Southwest Ranches. The entire incident was caught on a 34-minute-long tape from one of the deputies, according to the South Florida Times.

According to the article, Vincent had gotten two similar tickets in the past, both of which had been dismissed. This ticket alleges he drove 56mph in a 25mph limit zone while driving his scooter, which Vincent claims maxes out at 48mph. When Vincent refused the ticket until his boss would arrive, the two deputies who pulled him over reacted similarly, calling over their own boss — BSO Commander Wallace Haywood.

In the beginning of the tape, Vincent tells someone on the phone that he feared for his life, according to the recording. The deputies react by laughing. He then uses general profanity to express his disagreement with being pulled over.

When he shows up in the recording, Haywood asks the deputies to recount what had happened when they pulled Vincent over.

“We’re going to give this fucker a ticket,” Haywood said after confirming that Vincent had called one of the deputies an “asshole.” “This is right after all that newspaper shit that’s coming out... And after I have an initiative, and have been telling you guys to hit this road hard.”

Later, after a few minutes of static, Vincent said he’s confused because his scooter just can’t go as fast as the deputies claimed.

From the article:

About 26 minutes and 27 seconds into the recording, Haywood is heard saying, “And when you guys get that court date, matter a fact you guys let me know and I’m going to show up, too. Although I was not a witness to it… I’m not a witness to it, I think what I will do is speak to the judge or magistrate before we go in.”

About 29 minutes and 19 seconds into the recording, Haywood is also heard saying, “He’s throwing the gay thing out. He’s throwing the gay card out like the brothers throw out the race card. I said that ain’t flying with me, buddy, I’ve put up with enough of that (expletive deleted). (Expletive deleted) him, go home and let him do what he has to do.”

Aspuru and Saud are not heard objecting to what Haywood was saying.

is currently cleaning up the recording so we can provide a more accurate rendering of what was said.



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