• Column: No New Taxes! …Because Life Is Just More Expensive Here

    Heading into the city’s budget process, members of the Budget Review Advisory Committee (BRAC) were happy to see a proposed city budget with the millage rate remaining the same. As in the previous year, we once again see rising property values over 8 percent, which automatically brings in a sizeable amount of additional revenue into the city’s General Fund.

  • Drag Race Exit Interview: Monet X Change

    To say Monet X Change made an impression during Season Ten of RuPaul’s Drag Race is putting it mildly. From the moment she hit her first runway challenge in a dress made almost completely of sponges, viewers knew that this talented and crafty New York City queen was officially in the game! She may have been eliminated just shy of the Top Five after a scorching lip sync against Kameron Michaels, but this queen is going to be giving her fans plenty to soak up. I caught up with Monet to talk about her Drag Race experience, the issue of race and the Drag Race fans, and what her new single Soak It Up is all about.

  • Drag Race Says Goodbye to Gia Gunn

    Gia Gunn is one of the most polarizing queens to come out of the cast of "RuPaul's Drag Race" this season. Between her gorgeous runway looks and sharp tongue, you never knew what Gia was going to say or wear on a weekly basis. SFGN spoke with Gia about her "Snatch Game" choice, who she would impersonate if she had the chance to do it over again, and what she may (or may not) regret.

  • Emmy-Winning RuPaul’s Drag Race Abruptly Moves to Mainstream Channel

    RuPaul’s Drag Race is being moved from LGBT-centric LogoTV to cable channel VH1. Logo will air exclusive content, including a ‘Race to the Nines’ series marathon on March 19 which includes previously-unseen bonus content.

  • Gavin Grimm, RuPaul Named on Time’s 100 Most Influential People

    This year’s 100 Most Influential People list by Time includes Gavin Grimm, RuPaul and Sarah Paulson.

  • Interview with Naysha Lopez After her Drag Race Elimination

    RuPaul’s Drag Race” has kicked off its eighth season and the first eliminated queen, Naysha Lopez, is arguably one of the most stunningly gorgeous queens to ever stomp the runway on this LOGO smash hit. Sadly, outfit construction seems to have deconstructed Ms. Lopez’s shot at grabbing the crown.

    She sat down with us to chat about what she really thinks sent her home, who she would like to see snatch the crown, and who of her fellow competitors she thinks has the best chance to snatch the crown this season!  

    Naysha, it’s never easy to see the first girl go home!  What do you think happened that lead to your elimination?

    You know, I really don’t know. Laila McQueen and I should not have been in the bottom. Laila constructed a beautiful garment, that jacket! It’s one thing to create a dress or put something together; but this bitch built you an entire jacket! Then you have other people, like the person who did the assignments on this particular challenge, Robbie (Turner); she just did not look-I don’t want to be shady-it just was not cute. Then you have someone like Naomi (Smalls) who’s wearing a dress that cost her $5.00 on the sale rack at Forever 21. I’m like “are you kidding me”?! 

    Going into the lip synch, I already felt kind of defeated.  During the lip synch, I really, honestly, didn’t give it my all because I felt defeated already. I didn’t even think i should have been in the bottom two, and I just felt like it was done and I was going home, and it just happened that way. 

    Now that the experience of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is over, what do you think you are going to miss the most about the entire experience? 

    You know, I think it’s the girls; I’m going to miss the girls the most, out of the entire experience. I just got off of a five city tour with everyone and it was so great to see them again and get to spend time with them. If there is one thing that I can appreciate and treasure about the whole experience, besides meeting RuPaul, it’s that I met eleven people that I can call friends and call sisters. 

    You mention meeting RuPaul for the first time. What was it like meeting the true “high priestess” of drag? 

    It was truly surreal. I was just star struck and was like “this is RuPaul”! It’s crazy, you see it on television and you don’t think too much about it, but then you see her in person and she’s ridiculously stunning. I mean, I thought I was pretty?

    You yourself come across stunningly beautiful on television. Was it weird seeing yourself both as a boy and as a girl on television? 

    It was the most horrible thing! I asked my friends “that’s what I sound like?” But I realized all of my friends think that when they hear themselves also. It was crazy and a little overwhelming to see myself on television, especially when you have little cousins texting me saying that they just saw me on television too! 

    Now that the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” experience is in the rearview mirror, did it truly meet all of your expectations and check every box that you wanted it to, so to speak? 

    Besides the box at the bottom that says “take home 100,000” I think I’ve checked them all LOL! It really was an incredible experience and I am a very positive person. I am not one that looks at the glass half full. For me, I learned from it. I may not have won, or made it as far as I wanted to, but I learned from it. I think that’s when you really win, when you have learned something from an experience and you can take something from it. That’s when you really win. So in that respect, I did win.

    Who was your Snatch Game character going to be? 

    I was either going to be (“Drag Race Season One Finalist) Nina Flowers or Kathy Griffin. I hadn’t decided, although I brought both of the characters with me. 

    You and Nina Flowers definitely are cut from the same cloth, so to speak. 

    Yes! The crazy thing is, Nina’s makeup artistry is so ridiculous. I like to think of myself as a great makeup artist, and when I sat and practiced the makeup (to portray Nina) it was such a challenge. She is a great makeup artist, and just so eclectic. She is so wrong, it is right and absolutely love Nina Flowers. She is a walking piece of art. 

    Who do you want to see snatch the crown and go all the way this season? 

    I love all of them, I really do. Cynthia (Lee Fontaine) is my Puerto Rican sister so i definitely have to root for her. There are a few different types of queens on this show this season. There are a few girls that need the show to survive, because watching them is like watching paint dry-Kim Chee-and there is someone like Thorgy Thor or Bob The Drag Queen who are natural born entertainers and I could watch them all day long. I love me some Bob the Drag Queen! Laila McQueen of course, has a place in my heart also. Everyone is so different on this season, they’re just so very different. 

    Where do you want to go next on your post “Drag Race” journey? 

    I just want to work. I love to work, I love what I do. I say “work” because what else am I going to call it? Whenever you’re having a good time and getting paid for it it’s really not work right? I want to pursue this as much as I can and milk it for what it’s worth and look at the whole experience as a stepping stone. I told my friends ‘you guys fucked up putting me on television because now you're not going to be able to get me off”! I am definitely going to pursue this hardcore because this is something I really love to do.

    RuPaul’s Drag Race airs Monday at 9 p.m. EST on LOGO

  • Joe Lobdell: Tragedy and Triumph of a 19th-century Transition

    When Joseph Israel Lobdell passed away in 1912 at the Binghamton State Hospital, his death went largely unnoticed. Joe, as he was known, was 82 and had been confined to mental institutions since 1880. In the intervening decades, his siblings had predeceased him.

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    In the tradition of Sharon Needles and Jinkx Monsoon, Season 6 "RuPaul's Drag Race" competitor Milk brought her own special brand of drag to the show this season. Sadly, a rap lip synch sent Milk home earlier than many expected.

  • Netflix Delivers Trailer for RuPaul’s New Show

    (WB) Netflix has dropped the official trailer for RuPaul’s new scripted series.

  • New Season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Up and Running

    SFGN interviews first contestant to go home

  • Nonprofits Becoming More Comfortable Accepting Pot Donations

    DENVER (AP) — One marijuana business hosts an annual golf tournament in Denver to raise money for multiple sclerosis research. Another Colorado pot company donates to a gay-rights advocacy group and is a sponsor of an AIDS walk.

  • Pedestrian Fatality Has City Reconsidering Wilton Drive Lane Reduction

    Those who have wanted the lighted crosswalk in front of city hall on Wilton Drive moved to Northeast 20 Street finally have the answer they were looking for.

  • Pink, Britney Spears, RuPaul and More Create Single to Benefit Orlando Victims

    Twenty-four artists have come together to make a single paying tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting that took the lives of 49 and injured 53 others.

  • Queens Everywhere; New York City Welcomes RuPaul’s Drag Con NYC

    RuPaul’s DragCon NYC occurred last weekend in New York City, and the Jacob Javits Center was packed with more stunning queens, adoring fans, and absolute fierceness than the massive and legendary event space has probably ever seen at one time!
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    Last time I reviewed Wilton Manors pricing during this past high season. I found the median sales price of a single-family home in Wilton Manors (arms length transactions only) was $360,000.

  • Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 Phi Phi O’Hara’s Alter Ego Jaremi Carey Gives Us His New Album 'Fever Heart' and the Definitive Word On the “All Stars” Controversy

    Phi Phi O’Hara has been a lightning rod for controversy on this season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” both on the show and unfortunately, online. Since she departed the show, rumors have swirled of Twitter feuds with fellow co-stars, internet bullies making unsolicited threats toward her, and even a potential retirement rom drag altogether!

  • RuPaul Joins Hollywood Walk of Fame

    The 2018 class for the Hollywood Walk of Fame was announced this week and the host of the hit reality competition series RuPaul's Drag Race, RuPaul Charles, is getting his own star.

  • RuPaul Season 11: Ariel Versace W/Video

    As one of the names that was most rumored to be cast on the last few seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Ariel Versace certainly had a great deal to prove the moment she hit the workroom. The queens very quickly learned that this self proclaimed “Life Sized Bratz Doll from New Jersey” is much more than an Instagram filter.
  • RuPaul Season 11: Brooke Lynn Hytes

    As the first Canadian queen to march into the RuPaul’s Drag Race werk room, Brooke Lynn Hytes came armed with a well know name, a matching pedigree, and the talent to back up both. From the moment she snagged the first runway win in full cobalt blue and yellow latex, we knew we had a drag dynamo on our hands.