• Ex-Speaker Hastert Pleads Guilty, to be Sentenced Feb. 29

    CHICAGO (AP) — The latest on the federal hush-money case against former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (all times local):

  • Fact Check: GOP Candidates Veer from Truth in 1st Debate

    WASHINGTON - Republicans seeking their party's 2016 presidential nomination have the challenging task of trying to stand out among the 17 candidates in the race, and Thursday's televised debate was the first opportunity for the party to start whittling down its choices. So it's no surprise that the candidates had a vested interest in puffing up their own records as governors, senators and public figures. And some of them just got the facts wrong.

  • Fight or Flee? GOP Grappling With Gay Marriage

    WASHINGTON (AP) — It took just a few words for the Supreme Court to deal with the question of whether gay marriage is legal. For Republicans thinking about running for the White House in 2016, it won't be that easy.

  • Florida Republican Introduces Workplace Non-Discrimination Bill 

     A bill to protect LGBT people in Florida from workplace discrimination was introduced in the Florida Senate on Tuesday by State Senator Joe Gruters (R-Sarasota), who is also the chair of the Republican Party of Florida. 

  • Fox Business Network Reached 13.5 Million for GOP Debate

    An estimated 13.5 million people watched the fourth Republican presidential debate of the season on the Fox Business Network, which traded the fireworks of the previous CNBC encounter for a more sedate discussion on economic issues.

  • GA. Anti-Gay Bill Part Of GOP Election Year Agenda

    ATLANTA - The Republican leadership in the General Assembly has kept tight control of its election-year agenda, ensuring some of the more controversial bills have not reached the floor for a vote.

  • Gay History 101: October 28, 2015

    Seventy-seven years ago in Fascist Italy, gay men were labeled "degenerate", expelled from their homes and interned on an island. The archipelago of the Tremiti Islands, in the Adriatic Sea, played a part, in the late 1930s, in the effort by Benito Mussolini's Fascists to suppress homosexuality.

  • Gay Marriage Debate Splinters Republican Party Into 3 Groups

    NEW YORK (AP) — Same-sex marriage cases are cascading through the federal courts, and Republican politicians are finding themselves split into three camps.

  • Gay Mass. Congressional Contender Skips GOP Convention

    BOSTON - Republican congressional candidate Richard Tisei (tih-SAY’) says he will skip this weekend’s state GOP convention because of the socially conservative platform the party’s state committee adopted.

  • Gay Republican Candidate Features Partner In Ad

    (CNN) -- An openly gay Republican running for Congress released a video on Wednesday that appears to be the first of its kind: A political ad explicitly featuring footage of him and his same-sex partner.

  • Gays Should Be Able to Discriminate Against Christians Says Cruz

    Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz said last Friday he thinks a gay florist should be able to refuse services to an evangelical couple if the florist disagrees with the couple’s faith.

  • GOP Debate Winners and Losers

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Donald Trump and Ted Cruz had their first fist-fight of the 2016 campaign during Thursday night's Republican debate.

  • GOP Field: Tax Cuts For All, Don't Worry About the Consequences

    DENVER -- Republicans came into this presidential campaign with painful memories of how, in the last one, Democrats blasted Mitt Romney's tax plan as a giveaway to the rich. They've heard a new wing of conservative intellectuals urge them to focus on tax cuts to working-class Americans rather than the wealthy.

  • GOP Gay Marriage Division On Display At Conference

    SEASIDE, Ore. (AP) _ Young Republican activists implored their party to support gay marriage Saturday, saying the GOP is destined to continue losing elections in Oregon if it doesn't get behind an issue that's gaining traction around the country.

  • GOP Image Still Muddled, a Year After Suggestions

    The Republican Party’s image has changed little in the year since GOP Chairman Reince Priebus published his prescription for broadening the party’s appeal despite its investment in outreach to the racial minorities, women and gay voters who backed Democrats decisively in 2012.

  • GOP Incumbent Wins Dem Write-In In 81st District

    HUNTINGDON, Pa. — The Republican incumbent in a central Pennsylvania House district says he'll run for re-election as a Democrat after he narrowly won the opposition party's primary in a write-in campaign.

  • GOP Lawmakers: Speaker Boehner to Resign End of October

    In a stunning move, House Speaker John Boehner informed fellow Republicans on Friday that he would resign from Congress at the end of October, giving up his top leadership post and his seat in the House in the face of hardline conservative opposition.

  • GOP Oklahoma Lawmakers Voice Outrage Over 'Festivus' Pole

    A group of Republican Oklahoma lawmakers say they're angered about a man's plan to put up a gay pride-themed, 6-foot-tall pole in the Capitol rotunda to celebrate the fictional holiday Festivus from the popular 1990s sitcom "Seinfeld."

  • GOP Wants To Broaden Appeal, But Will Candidates Get In The Way?

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Anyone in America can grow up to be president, as the saying goes — unless you happen to be a Muslim, a leading Republican presidential candidate believes.

  • GOP's Fiorina Shows Off a Lighter Side on 'The Tonight Show'

    Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina impressed many with her strong performance in the second presidential debate, as she railed passionately against Planned Parenthood and outlined her hardline views on foreign policy.