A few weeks ago I asked for donations of furniture, housewares, and other sundries for myself, and my roommate, our Office Manager Matt. While Matt has relocated back to Atlanta I still remain! Since I have to furnish the apartment from top to bottom I need a foundation before I embark on that great gay pastime: decorating!

Two SFGN readers – Trish and Jane – kindly answered the request. These self-described “fairy godmothers” have donated kitchen goods, linens, a lovely wicker chair, and some other necessary items. However the search is still on! If you have anything in your shed, garage, storage unit, or if you are closing up a property, please contact me at the information provided below.

I really appreciate Trish and Jane’s kindness! As an added bonus: if you donate your picture gets in the paper!

A. Sebastian Fortino, Lifestyles Editor

954-530-4970, ext. 105 or 954-515-7185, mobile

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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