Pride Center

  • Letter to the Editor: Senior Housing at the Pride Center - More Questions Than Answers

    This e-mail is regarding the proposed low-income housing at the Pride Center. The following are some points to consider after reading the e-mail from the PC that went out recently.

  • Letter to the Editor: Update on Clarence Collins

    Dear Editor:

    Thank you for writing an updated story on Clarence Collins as incomplete as it was. Many of us who know Clarence are concerned that he has been through at least three Public Defenders in four months. That’s unconscionable to us, but unfortunately, the way the system is set up. As soon as we establish a relationship with one PD, which doesn’t always allow free flow of information due to client privilege, we must start all over in identifying the new PD and establishing a new relationship; hence, “spinning our wheels.”

    I must take issue with Mr. Kent’s assertion that, “the money should have already been used to get him out of jail.” While I, personally, have been working hard to obtain Clarence’s release, I was advised by his Public Defender to hold off on bailing him out. Doing so would force a timetable for his release. Without a proper legal residence, established in advance, Clarence would be forced to live someplace like the homeless encampment under an overpass. That is unacceptable to the people who care for Clarence. Although jail is not an ideal situation for anyone, it beats the alternative society has forced on people like Clarence (living in unsafe, indignant  places like an overpass). There are just so many legal residences for the large number of Registered Sex Offenders. As soon as we find one with an opening we will proceed with bailing Clarence out.

    Michael A Gagne

  • LGBT Groups Condemn High School Shooting in Parkland

    (WB) LGBT advocacy groups on Wednesday condemned the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., that left at least 17 people dead and more than a dozen others injured.

  • Local LGBT Community Centers Suffer Damage From Irma

    The Pride Center at Equality Park opened its doors after Hurricane Irma on Thursday four days after the storm blew through South Florida. But not without damage.

  • Men in Tights Battle it Out for Noble Cause

    Thursday nights are often an unofficial way to usher in the weekend. So when deciding on options consider this: one that will give you a high-energy visual feast while also supporting important LGBT programs in South Florida.

  • Nasty Women 101: An Activism Primer

    Sharing politically-charged articles on social media is one form of social activism, but it’s clear many women in South Florida want to do more. That’s the reason more than a hundred women and a handful of men gathered at the Pride Center on Thursday, March 16 for Nasty Women – Women’s Activism 101. 

  • New Playground Part of Community Day Festivities at The Pride Center

    Pride Center at Equality Park is ready to officially open its new playground at Saturday’s fifth annual community day.

  • Op-Ed: Have Pride in the Pride Center

    In Broward County, we have been fortunate to have able and credible leadership steer not only our Pride Center at Equality Park but a host of our nonprofits, all working vigilantly to gain and keep our public trust.

  • OpEd: Who is Right – The Pride Center or Sal Torre? The Answer May Surprise You.

    One of my favorite stories is of a rabbinical scholar whose students believe they have him trapped in an intellectual crossfire.

  • OUT50 Broward: Samantha McCoy - The Pansexual Activist

    Samantha McCoy takes a lot of pride in her work at the Pride Center at Equality Park. If you’ve ever attended an event at the Pride Center, McCoy likely helped organize it.

  • Outraged Parents Threaten to Protest ‘Diversity Honors’ Over Sex Predator Scandal

    As the sex predator scandal at the Pride Center continues to grow, some parents are now threatening to protest the upcoming Diversity Honors event taking place on April 27 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The annual reception and dinner is a joint fundraiser for the Pride Center and Harvey Milk Foundation.  

  • Plat Change to Pride Center Property Divides Commission 

    A noisy gym that’s been operating for more than a year without a business tax receipt — despite complaints from neighbors — got another pass last month from the city.

  • Pride Center Board Member Calls on CEO to Resign As Sex Predator Scandal Grows

    Updated April 18, 9:40 a.m. 

    A board member of the Pride Center called on CEO Robert Boo to resign on Friday.

  • Pride Center Board Votes to Keep CEO; Censure Pending

    At its meeting tonight, The Pride Center’s Board of Directors voted not to terminate the employment of Robert Boo, the organization’s executive director.

  • Pride Center CEO Supporters: Stop the 'Witch Hunt'

    The embattled Chief Executive Officer of the Pride Center, Robert Boo, has a job – for now.

  • Pride Center CEO Suspended; 3 More Board Members Resign

    The fallout from Robert Boo’s decision to keep a convicted sex predator on staff at the Pride Center after a playground was installed continued Wednesday when the board announced his punishment.

  • Pride Center Event to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

     In recognition of breast cancer awareness month, the Pride Center at Equality Park in Wilton Manors will facilitate free breast exams as part of an evening of awareness. Breast Fest takes place from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Oct. 24 at the main hall of the Schubert Building at the Pride Center. The events also features vendor booths, live entertainment, refreshments, raffles and more.

  • Pride Center Gears Up for Rainbow 5K: Annual event brings together activism and exercise

    Are you fighting to find the motivation that will allow you to stick to your New Year’s resolution of working out more? Do you support the LGBT community? If you answered ‘Yes’ to both of those questions, there is an event this weekend right in your own backyard that will provide you a two-birds-one-stone win-win scenario. 

  • Pride Center Gym Tenant Fined for Noise Violations

    Wilton Manors city officials have given a gym operating on the grounds of The Pride Center at Equality Park until September 5 to resolve business license and commercial platting issues that surfaced after a hearing due to noise complaints from nearby residents.

  • Pride Center May Pull Out of Wicked Manors Over Security Costs

    The ballooning costs of providing security for Wicked Manors could force the event’s organizers to withdraw.