• Justin Flippen - The Young Leader

    Justin Flippen overcame Christian “reparative therapy” while managing to keep his belief in God and staying true to himself.

  • Karen Stephens - The Actress

    “I started out majoring in English and ended up in theater and dance and the rest is history,” recalled award-winning actress Karen Stephens.

  • Katharine Campbell – The Doctor

    Ever since she started doing social work at the age of 18, Dr. Katharine Campbell says she’s “always been in the field of wanting to help other people.”

  • Keith Hart – The Sportsman

    Keith Hart recently retired from American Express. His was a 21-year career that concluded with responsibility for 1 million pieces of mail, daily. Hart and his partner Nelson have been together for 32 years. They are the proud parents of a son and grandparents to their son’s daughter Samantha.

  • Ken Evans – The Democrat

    For most of his life, Ken Evans wasn’t out. As someone who worked at children’s summer camps beginning in 1982, Evans felt coming out would have negative impacts.

  • Ken Keechl - Broward’s First Gay Mayor

    At a young-looking 51-years-old, Ken Keechl stands out. Proud of his success in business and politics, Keechl and his partner of 17 years, Ted Adcock, were married in New York in 2011.

  • Kerensa Butler-Gile — The Accountant

    At 41 and a partner and managing director at the prestigious, gay-friendly, national accounting firm, McGladrey and Pullen, Kerensa Butler-Gile is a success by anyone’s standards. Add to that, however, that she’s married to Alicia Butler-Gile (2011/MA) and together they are raising an almost-2 year old daughter. What else is there?

  • Kim Ehly - Founder Kutumba Theatre Project

    Playwright Kim Ehly is the leading voice in theater for South Florida’s lesbian community.

  • Kristofer Fegenbush - A Big Role; A Modest Man

    When you ask Kris Fegenbush what makes The Pride Center successful, you may want to sit down. It could take awhile.

  • Lacey Ginger Camper – The Community Organizer

    Two years ago Lacey Ginger Camper quit drinking. Drinking played a big part of her eight-year stint in the Navy and goodness knows it can be central to life in Key West, a tourist destination known for its partying. Since then Camper has become laser focused on a set of goals that are enriching her life and the island community she has made home.

  • Landon "LJ" Woolston - The LGBT Youth Advocate

    Landon "LJ" Woolston is very busy these days. He is the LGBTQ Homeless Service Liaison for The Alliance for GLBTQ youth, where he is working on the homelessness initiative in Miami-Dade. 

  • Lea Brown - Building a Relationship With God

    As many churches around the country face devastating declines in membership, Rev. Dr. Lea Brown believes that the success of the Metropolitan Community Church of the Palm Beaches is one vital thing: relationship.

  • Lea Krauss - The Lawyer

    Lea Krauss has a large amount of responsibility on her plate as President of the Gay and Lesbian Lawyers Network. Aside from supervising the planning and execution of events and programs, Krauss assists all board members “through encouragement and motivation to ensure we work together as a cohesive unit” as well as leading development of the organization’s vision and its policies and procedures.

  • Lee Rubin - The Philanthropist

    As a boy growing up in Philadelphia, Lee Rubin remembers helping his mother deliver meals on wheels for those in need.

  • Leland Kolbert – The Trans Caretaker

    Way before the word transgender became well known, Leland Kolbert knew he wasn’t a she.

  • Leslie Tipton - Out & Proud Pastor

    Pastor Leslie Tipton was born in Woodland Hills, California. She got her bachelor’s degree in behavioral psychology at San Diego State University. She attended SpiritSong Institute, obtained a certificate of ordination and was ordained a reverend in the Christian faith. She serves as senior pastor at SpiritSong in Wilton Manors.

  • Leticia Carrazana – The Generous Banker

    It may be Leticia Carrazana’s years of experience in banking that make her so good at giving, especially when it comes to volunteering and community leadership. In 2015, she joined Sabadell United Bank as Market Executive. She’s also worked at BB&T, Bank Atlantic, HSBC and Citigroup where Carrazana established herself as a trusted advisor to a diverse group of commercial, corporate and small business clients.

  • Lillian Tamayo - CEO of Planned Parenthood of South Florida

    As the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast, Lillian Tamayo has spent the last 15 years not only advocating for women’s health issues, but also for people’s health issues.

  • Lisa Porter - Out & Proud Judge

    Judge Lisa Porter has been a part of the Florida Justice System for over 20 years and was previously profiled by SFGN in 2012 for her marriage to her partner of 25 years, Patricia Windowmaker, deputy general counsel to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

  • Listron Mannix – The Public Health Specialist

    Listron Mannix says he is a rolling with the punches kinda of guy.