• Victor Diaz-Herman - Guiding Gay Youth

    For Victor Diaz-Herman, he’s been an equal rights activist since birth.

  • Victoria Sigler – The Judge

    Victoria Sigler is a judge of the Miami-Dade County Circuit court. Sigler became the first “out” political figure to win office in Florida with her campaign for County Court Judge in 1994. She was most recently re-elected without opposition last year – her current six-year term expires in January 2021. And her accomplishments don’t end there.

  • Welcome to SFGN's Out50

    Sometimes people ask me if there is still a need for gay media, with how mainstream the LGBT community has become. When you flip through these pages you’ll see why there’s still that need.

  • Will Spencer - Children’s Advocate

    You can tell that Will Spencer, Vice President of Kids in Distress, really has a passion for what he does. As he described what the organization does as well as his various duties, I heard the smile in his voice.

  • William F. Collins – Out & Proud ‘Father’

    Father Bill Collins began ministering to people living with HIV/AIDS in 1985 when he was appointed Chaplain to Imperial Point Hospital where he began his local ministry of service to people living with the virus. Two years later he founded The Poverello Food Bank and Thrift Shop. It opened in Pompano in the summer of 1987 and was only 1,800 square feet big. It’s mission: to help provide unavailable necessities to the growing number of men, women and children testing positive for the virus. Now almost 27 years later, Father Bill is 83 and still working. You can see him writing in the Poverello newsletters.

  • William Green — Serving Up Healthcare to the Disenfranchised

    William Green, Broward County Health Care Services Administrator, has been with the county for 13 years working with disenfranchised communities and ensuring that they have equitable access to healthcare.