• SFGN’s OUT50 Nominations Now Open

    Do you know someone in the local LGBT community that deserves recognition? Has SFGN overlooked them? Well, if so, here’s your chance to submit your own nominations. Click the link below, and fill out the nomination form. 


  • Shanna Ratliff – The STD Specialist

    As a lesbian whose clients are a majority gay or bisexual, Shanna Ratliff can still draw amongst her own experiences to help serve them.

  • Stephen Fallon - HIV Advocate

    When Stephen Fallon co-founded Latinos Salud in 2008, he already had years of experience in AIDS service work, both with his own consultancy and with Fort Lauderdale’s CenterOne.

  • Steve Adkins - The Business Leader

    “Equality is good business!”

  • Steve Haas - The Business Leader

    Steve Haas has been in South Florida since he finished college, more than 35 years ago. He’s been supporting the LGBT community ever since.

  • Steve K. Smith – The Tourist Guru

    It was a trade show in Berlin nearly 20 years ago where Steve Smith decided to take a stand.

  • Steve Rothaus - America’s LGBT Issues Reporter

    “It was a struggle from week to week to get people to go on the record,” recalled Steve Rothaus during the early days of reporting on the LGBT community in South Florida.

  • Steve Stagon - The Survivor

    Steve Stagon was given two years to live. That was 1988.

  • Sue Gallagher - The Child Advocate

    As Chief Innovation Officer for Children’s Services Council (CSC) of Broward County, Sue Gallagher’s duty is providing opportunities for all children “to realize their full potential, their hopes and their dreams, supported by a nurturing family and community.”

  • Suzi Hollis – The Salt Queen

    After about 20 years in the construction industry, Suzi Hollis never thought she’d be the owner of a health related business. But a construction accident in 1996 in her hometown of Chicago helped define her, in good and bad ways.

  • Ted Scouten - The T.V. Man

    You might say Ted Scouten was destined to have a career in the news.

  • Terry Stone – The CEO

    At 65, Terry Stone does more traveling than most people in for profit organizations. As CEO of CenterLink, he has his work cut out for him supporting some 170 existing community centers and fostering new memberships to expand visibility, and provide support and resources as needed.

  • Theo Smith - Gay Rights Activist

    A lot of people in South Florida know Theo Smith. And a lot know him by his moniker, “The Gay Mayor of West Palm Beach.” In his 43 years on the planet, Smith has wracked up some wide recognition as a doer — especially when it comes to helping gay institutions.

  • Tom Hantzarides – The Radio Show Host

    There’s a strong likelihood you’ve heard Tom Hantzarides. Maybe not by name, but most definitely his voice.

  • Toni Armstrong Jr. - Having a ‘BLAST’

    With her lifelong work as a special education teacher, her success establishing Gay-Straight Alliances in K-12 Chicago schools from 1995-2003, and her laundry list of accolades, you’d think Toni Armstrong Jr. would come to Palm Beach to take a break. But with the success of BLAST, you probably understand why she hasn’t stopped.

  • Tony Finstrom - Playwright & Theater Expert

    South Florida audiences know Fort Lauderdale resident Tony Finstrom for his award-winning plays. His most recent works have headlined at Jan McArt’s New Play Reading Series at Lynn University in Boca Raton and the Broward Stage Door Theatre in Coral Springs.

  • Tony Lima - ‘Saving’ Dade

    When Tony Lima was hired last summer to be the Executive Director of SAVE Dade, Board Chairman Brian Adler declared that “he brings talent, enthusiasm and passion to his new role and will represent the LGBT community in Miami with distinction.”

  • Tony Plakas & Jamie Foreman - Palm Beach Power Couple

    It was through activism and work at Compass that brought together Tony Plakas and Jamie Foreman, who have been together since November 1997 and married since 2011.

  • Vanessa Brito – The Political Mover & Shaker

    Vanessa Brito knows Miami politics inside and out. She is the Director and Owner of MYami Marketing Inc., a Miami based full-service Political Consulting firm. Brito is a contributing expert writer to Miami.com and Miami.com en Español as well as AMBIENTE Magazine on issues related to the LGBT community, committee member to SAVE’s Foundation’s Communications and Marketing Committee, Federal Club member of the Human Rights Campaign, and advisory board member to the Latin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

  • Velvet Lenore – The Drag Queen

    At 43, Velvet Lenore has been doing drag for almost half her life. “I started 21 years ago,” she says proudly. “And I’ve never come out in the traditional sense,” she continued anticipating the next question.