• Out50: Rafa Carvajal

    Wire Magazine (WireMag) is a Miami-based publication catering to the LGBT community. Rafa Carvajal, purchased the magazine 10 years ago and serves as its publisher and editor in chief. He manages to circulate 10,000 issues on a biweekly basis, and the magazine has done so for the past 28 years. This is an impressive feat considering the publication is totally free. Carvajal also ensures it provides a great snapshot of sociocultural options in Miami. 

  • Out50: Ronnie Larsen

     You dont have to be Dr. Phil—or Dr. Ruth, as a matter of fact—to figure out that playwright Ronnie Larsen is more than slightly obsessed with sex. 

  • Out50: Scott Greenberg

    Scott Greenberg came to South Florida to launch the Freedom Fund — an organization working to counter the disproportionate harm of LGBT mass incarceration.

  • Out50: Shawn Palacious

    Shawn Palacious is everywhere! On any given weekend, he can be seen appearing as his glamorous and equally outrageous drag alter ego, Kitty Meow, at Georgie’s Alibi / Monkey Bar in Wilton Manors.

  • Out50: Sobourney Barnes

    Sobourney Barnes has been involved in serving the LGBT community since college — and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. 

  • Out50: Sue Martino

    Sue Martino, 64, was born and raised in New York City. In the mid-70s, she DJed at La Femme (later De Ja Vu), one of the first women’s bars in NYC. Coming out was not difficult for Martino and her family had no problem with having a lesbian in the family.

  • Out50: Teri Johnston

    Key West Mayor Teri Johnston celebrated alongside Dar, her partner and wife of 35 years and mother of their two daughters at this year’s Pride festivities. 

  • Out50: Todd Thompkins

    Some teachers inspire students in such a way you can tell it’s their calling, not just a job. Todd Thompkins is one of them. He teaches AP Physics and Honors Physics at Michael Krop Senior High.  He won the school’s Teacher of the Year in 2017.

  • Out50: Toni Barone

    Toni Barone retired from Sears and went to work. After 23 years of retail, including executive management, she found a new challenge in owning and operating bars and night clubs and raising funds for nonprofit agencies.

  • Out50: Victor Warren

    Victor Warren is the current chair person of SunServe, a nonprofit social services agency serving the LGBT community in South Florida. Before being elected chair, Warren served for two terms as vice chair. 

  • Out50: Virginia "Ginny" Apuzzo

    All of them describe Virginia “Ginny” Apuzzo.  The New York native played a pivotal role in LGBT civil rights and the fight against AIDS. A former nun, Apruzzo came out after Stonewall and never looked back.

  • Out50: Yvonne Rohrbacher

    Yvonne Rohrbacher is a 60-year-old wunderkind who moved to Florida from Stow, Ohio in her mid-20s and almost immediately set about working to support the LGBT movement in its fight for recognition and equality.

  • Pat Burnside - Real Estate Giant

    She wasn’t a little girl with a dream to go in to realty, but it’s a safe bet to say buyers and sellers alike should be glad she did!

  • Paul Smith – The Therapist

    Paul Smith lives in Fort Lauderdale with Gerry Kennedy, his partner of 37 years and his husband of three. They were married in Los Angeles where Smith’s two children and five grandsons make their homes.

  • Penny Johnson and Julie Seaver - Palm Beach Power Couple

    Penny Johnson owns Penny’s at the Duke on Dixie Highway in Lantana. It is the only lesbian owned bar in Palm Beach County and when she took it over she was surprised to find a sizable clientele of heterosexuals who continued to frequent the venue and who have been integrated into the mix of local lesbians and gay men who enjoy themselves at Penny’s place.

  • Peter Clark — The Publisher

    When Peter Clark bought HotSpots! in 2007, it was already established as Florida’s oldest LGBT publication. When founding publisher Jason Bell decided to put his publication on the market Clark was in the process of selling his gay Guest House in Fort Lauderdale.

  • Phil Quattrone & Judd Chapman – The Power Couple

    Where did Phil Quattrone and Judd Chapman meet?

  • PJ Layng & Maryann McCarthy - The Palm Beach Power Couple

    PJ Layng and Maryann McCarthy have been leaders in LGBT rights issues for many years. Both were born and raised in the Northeast. McCarthy attended Boston University while Layng studied at George Washington University. Both pursued graduate degrees and Maryann is a Doctor in Oriental Medicine and an acupuncturist.

  • Pompano Bill - A South Florida Legend

    Pompano Bill remembers when he arrived in South Florida.

  • Ralph Wolfe Cowan - Painter of the Ultra Famous

    “Who haven’t I painted,” painter Ralph Wolfe Cowan always responds with a chuckle.