• Carol Moran – Restaurant Entrepreneur

    If you haven’t met Carol Moran, where have you been?

  • Cathy Pareto & Karla Arguello – The Trailblazers

    For Cathy Pareto, the excitement of finally marrying her longtime partner, Karla Arguello, has largely passed. And that’s what she wants: a sense of normalcy. To have a marriage that is equal in the eyes of society. No better. No worse.

  • Chad Matthews – The TV News Director

    NBC 6’s Assistant News Director Chad Matthews has been in South Florida for four years but has been making an impact since his very first day.

  • Charlie Fredrickson - Photo Historian

    Charlie Fredrickson is a photochronicler extraordinaire, active churchman and consistent supporter of the gay community in Palm Beach County.

  • Chris Rudisill – The Historian

    For Chris Rudisill, the new executive director of the Stonewall National Museum and Archives in Fort Lauderdale, the position is “the culmination of everything I’ve done in my career.”

  • Christopher H. Bates – The HIV/AIDS Expert

    As he reflects on a lifetime of service, memories and moments run deep for Christopher H. Bates. However, when asked to pinpoint the pinnacle of his career, there is no doubt.

  • Chuck Nicholls - Putting ‘Angel’ in Tuesday’s Angels

    Chuck Nicholls was born in Chicago and moved to Washington D.C. to pursue his career. He’s a Michigan State University graduate and did his graduate studies at The University of Florida. For him, one of his career highlights was being a founding member of The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. There, he enjoyed the teamwork involved in developing safety standards for consumer products.

  • Cindy Brown - ?Leader in Business & Activism

    A native Floridian and Miami-Dade resident nearly all her life, Cindy Brown holds bachelors degrees from the University of Miami in psychology and criminology and is the current executive director of the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.  She’s also a highly accomplished executive and champion of the LGBT community.  ??

  • Craig Stevens, News Anchor - In the Spotlight

    Craig Stevens has impressive credentials.

  • Dan Bassett - The Conductor

    With nearly 10 years under his belt as artistic director of the South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble, Dan Bassett has not only raised the profile of his organization, but brought national attention from the LGBT band movement.

  • Dan Hall – The Attorney

    Attorney and financial advisor, Dan Hall was born in Pittsburgh and raised in McLean Virginia. He studied law at Washington and Lee as well as George Washington University.

  • Danny Eguizabal – The Good Samaritan

    Danny Eguizabal is all about giving back. It may sound cliché, but he works hard to make the world a better place. Early this year, he competed in the Miami half marathon. Through two years of fundraising with this event, he raised more than $10,000 to support the fight against pancreatic cancer.

  • Davilyn (Davy) Whims – The Democrat

    West Palm Beach native, Davy Whims was born Davilyn and isn’t sure why but she’s happy being “Davy.” Like many LGBT people of her generation she didn’t realize that she was a lesbian until age 17 or 18 when she had her first experience with another woman.

  • Dean J. Trantalis - Out & Proud Politician

    Dean Trantalis was born and raised in Norwich, Connecticut. He graduated cum laude from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in political science. In 1979, he completed his legal studies at the Stetson University School of Law. He took his studies aboard and studied international law in London, Eastern Europe and Russia.

  • Debbie Frazier - The Activist

    At 16, Debbie Frazier was thrown out of her West Virginia home for being gay shortly after moving from the west side of Chicago where she experienced first hand the civil rights movement.

  • Deidre Newton - Real Estate Mogul

    For many, owning a business is a life in and of itself, but for Deidre Newton, owner of Huntington Trescott Properties, her work as a realtor intermingled with her activity in politics and LGBT activism makes her a catalyst for change. She’s a true worker for the people, and one who helps others achieve their goals through the use of her skills professionally and politically. ??

  • Electra - The Female Impersonator

    There are people who get so affected after tragedy, the rest of their lives are diminished and ruined. Not Electra, female impersonator of Wilton Manors. Electra, also known as Lyman James Buff, is the antithesis of showing defeat in the face of deep sadness.

  • Elizabeth Schwartz - Attorney & Activist

    Attorney Elizabeth Schwartz says, “Sometimes, when I come out to friends who knew me way back when, their reaction is ‘We always knew you were a lesbian, but we never dreamed you’d become a lawyer!’”

  • Emilio Benitez - Protecting Our Children

    Emilio Benitez grew up in Miami and is native to Havana, Cuba. The past 27 years, Benitez has resided in Hollywood, Florida. He’s a Tulane University graduate and received his Juris Doctorate at the University of Florida.

  • Enbar Cohen — The Politician

    Enbar Cohen was born in Israel, but was raised in South Florida since she was one year old.