• OUT50 Key West: The Rev. Steve Torrence – The Jack of All Trades

    On the day after the Pulse massacre, a prominent image for many Key Westers was that of the Rev. Steve Torrence and his husband John Hernandez leading an emotional group to the water’s edge. Pride was wrapping up on the island but for many, the party could wait. Torrence spoke a few words before his husband placed a wreath of soft white flowers into the waves. From AIDS patient advocate to Animal Shelter supporter to keeper of the peace, Torrence has been ministering to the whole community.

  • OUT50 Miami-Dade: Camille Lewis - The Supporter

    Camille Lewis loves helping people.

  • OUT50 Miami-Dade: Corey Davis - The QTPOC Trainer

    When Corey Davis and Daniel Anzueto launched Maven Leadership Collective last April, they did so to create a vehicle to promote intersectionality centered on queer and trans leaders of color.

  • OUT50 Miami-Dade: Eddie Orozco - The HIV Ambassador

    Eddie Orozco was diagnosed with HIV more than 30 years ago at a time when survival rates were at its lowest.

  • OUT50 Miami-Dade: Herb Sosa - The Latinx Activist

    Herb Sosa serves as Founder, President and CEO of Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida. The organization lives up to its name by producing workshops to empower the community.

  • OUT50 Miami-Dade: Jack Lee Jordan - The Young Revolutionary

    Jack Lee Jordan is a 23-year-old non-binary demiboi who identifies as black-latinx born and raised in Miami. Jordan uses they/them/their as their pronouns. They started doing activism work at the age of 13 to help medical professionals, teachers, social workers and most important of all, parents, accept their queer and trans children.

  • OUT50 Miami-Dade: Jason Hagopian - The Architect

    Jason Hagopian began his career as an architect at TSAO Design Group more than 20 years ago as a project coordinator. Now the managing principal of the group’s Miami office, he is responsible for establishing and growing the organization’s hospitality, private and public projects sectors. 

  • OUT50 Miami-Dade: Kishi Martin - The Health Educator

    Kishi Chad Martin, 29, has been a health promotion outreach educator for four years. He has spent the last six months of that time as a peer navigator at Care Resource, performing community outreach, condom distribution, internet outreach, linkage to services, PrEP navigation and working on the youth advisory board.

  • OUT50 Miami-Dade: Logan Meza - The Grassroots Organizer

    As the youth community organizer for SOUL Sisters Leadership Collective, Logan Meza plays an active role in mobilizing people while “providing safe, affirming and radical spaces in the efforts to achieve true liberation and equity for all folks of color.”

  • OUT50 Miami-Dade: Michelle Solomon - The Editor

    Perhaps more than any other journalist in South Florida, Miami ArtZine editor Michelle Solomon has her finger on the pulse of the region’s arts scene.

  • OUT50 Miami-Dade: Tracy Young - The DJ

    When Tracy Young began her career in the DJ and production industry 25 years ago, she said she didn’t give much thought to how male-dominated the field was.

  • OUT50 Miami: Annie Segarra – The Disabilities Advocate

    Even within the LGBT community, we tend to take things for granted. Local YouTube star Annie Segarra hopes to not only show us what we’re taking for granted, but also how we can help those who are less fortunate.

  • OUT50 Miami: Charo Valero – The Intersectional

    Sometimes there is too much of a good thing, but not when it comes to equality. Charo Valero still sees great ways for our community to be better, even with the strides we’ve made.

  • OUT50 Miami: David Richardson – The Legislator

    Even though he’s Florida’s first openly gay state legislator, (D) Rep. David Richardson, Miami Beach, would rather be known as a legislator first.

  • OUT50 Miami: Gabriel Garcia-Vera – The Latinx Community Organizer

    Known to friends as Gaby, this queer latinx community organizer is a force to be reckoned with on the civil rights circuit.

  • OUT50 Miami: Johnnie Mejia – The Mentor

    Growing up gay in a small conservative Texas town where gay role models were non-existent, Johnnie Mejia says having someone to look up to, to tell him that there was nothing bad about being gay, is something he wishes he had.

  • OUT50 Miami: Jonathan Welsh – The Healthcare Advocate

    For more than 10 years, Jonathan Welsh, a University of Miami alumnus, has been actively engaged internationally and locally. In addition to serving in South Africa with the United States Peace Corps, he has campaigned for various environmental and health initiatives in Portland Oregon, Washington D.C and in Tallahassee. Jonathan is in charge of Marketing and Development with Care Resource.

  • OUT50 Miami: Maria Dominguez – The Event Specialist

    Maria Dominguez has only left Miami to go to college, and that was to go to Florida State University in Tallahassee. Because of her longtime personal and professional history in South Florida, she’s been able to witness the changes in the LGBT community.

  • OUT50 Miami: May Sifuentes – The Women’s Health Advocate

    What is a problem for you may not be a problem for me, and May Sifuentes is hoping that one day soon, we can accept the problems of everyone no matter how different they are from our own.

  • OUT50 Miami: Parker Phillips –The Non-Conformist

    Although Parker Phillips began as a teacher, they really found their calling as a femme professional dominatrix under the name Lady P.