• AJ Wasson – The Nightclub Owner

    AJ Wasson was born in New Jersey and moved to Fort Lauderdale when he was 10 years old.

  • Al Magdaleno - The Benefactor

    Although his charity Random Acts of Kindness FTL is said to have started 13 years ago according to Facebook, Al Magdaleno says that the history behind it is indeed more extensive.

  • Andrew Eddy — The Republican

    It’s not easy being a gay Republican and yet Andrew Eddy proves principles can exist.

  • Andrew Kato - The Producer

    In just nine seasons, Andrew Kato has built the Maltz Jupiter Theatre into one of the most successful South Florida regional companies. The walls of the Jupiter theater are lined with Carbonell Awards for the company’s critically-acclaimed musical productions. He also recently oversaw a multi-million dollar expansion of the company’s facilities and subscriptions continue to break records (7,626 for the current season).

  • Andy Amoroso - Store Owner & Politician

    Openly gay Lake Worth City Commissioner, Andy Amoroso, says he has never come out.

  • Andy Rogow and Michael Leeds - The Artistic Dream Team

    Island City Stage’s Andy Rogow and Michael Leeds are a dream team in South Florida’s regional theater scene. Together, they have taken the scrappy LGBT-centric theater company and made it a force in just a few short years.

  • Anthony Timiraos - Bringing Home the Bacon

    Anthony Timiraos, president, CEO and co-founder of Our Fund, a foundation that encourages and nurtures philanthropy and support for the LGBT community of South Florida, says he has an exit strategy that will keep it strong even when he leaves it.

  • Arianna Lint – The Trans Activist

    As a member of the transgender community, Arianna Lint says the T in LGBT very much feels like it’s on the outside of the LGBT community.

  • Aryah Lester - Trans Advocate

    On Dec, 2, 2014, the Miami-Dade County Commission approved an ordinance that would ban discrimination against transgender men and women.The measure expands the county's law that prohibits discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations to include transgender people. It already bans discrimination based on gender, religion, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

  • Atticus Ranck – The F2M Trans Activist

    When a transgender individual comes into Atticus Ranck’s office, he doesn’t need to guess at what they’re dealing with. As someone who has transitioned, he knows exactly what they’re dealing with. It’s just a matter of learning the specifics.

  • Bishop S.F. Makalani-MaHee - Trans Activist

    Raised in a black Pentecostal home in New York, the bishop knows first hand the struggles of grappling with your sexuality and the teachings of the church. Today as a church leader and a transgender man, he teaches the LGBT community that they are loved.

  • Brenda Hartley – The Business Woman

    For Brenda Hartley, identity isn’t just about who she is. It’s also important to her professional well-being. “I think identity’s important in any field you are in. You’ve got to be who you’ve got to be.”

  • Brett Karlin - The Conductor

    At 28, artistic director Brett Karlin is among the youngest musicians in the Master Chorus of South Florida, a semi-professional chorus that performs the great standards of the repertoire in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

  • Brice Brittenum - The Detective

    As detective on the homicide squad for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, Brittenum has been serving South Florida for the last 13 years, many of those as an openly gay police officer.

  • Bruce Presley – The Documentarist

    Need help putting together a documentary for your LGBT group? You’ll want to meet Bruce Presley.

  • Bruce Williams - LGBT Senior Advocate

    Bruce Williams is finally out at work.

  • Bryan Wilson – The Queer Activist

    Queer is a word a lot of people might not self-apply. But Bryan Wilson isn’t one of them.

  • Carla Silva - LGBT Youth Advocate

    For the last six years, Carla Silva has been working for Alliance for GLBTQ Youth. But she’s been a champion for the LGBT community long before that.

  • Carly Cass – The Young Advocate

    Carly Cass may be 25 years old, but she’s been advocating for LGBT rights for the last eight years — since she was a freshman in college at Florida Atlantic University.

  • Carol Lynn Smith-Madison – The Online Publisher

    Carol Lynn Smith-Madison wants to give voice to LGBT individuals still struggling to find theirs. She gives it to them through her online publication, That Girl About Town. “It’s a voice to write within the community . . . a voice for things that matter. I allow people to publish different writings. People who are still building their confidence.”