• Lemongrass Asian Bistro Dishes Up a Great Dining Experience

    I’m not really a foodie. I don’t know the difference between wines and I couldn’t tell you if the spice is basil or coriander, but I know what I like. Not all of us are five-star chefs or can afford to dine at some expensive restaurant, so when my partner and I decide to go out for dinner, we’re generally thinking about our tastes and what we enjoy. This week, we were in the mood for good Asian food on our weekly date night, so a friend recommended Lemongrass Asian Bistro.

  • Malaysian Women Publicly Caned for Lesbian Sex

    Two Muslim women from Terengganu, Malaysia were publicly lashed with a cane six times as punishment for sexual involvement, a crime in that country that both pleaded guilty to. 

  • Thousands of Chinese Activists Lobby for Same-Sex Marriage

    A Chinese legal code dealing with sexual harassment, divorce, and family planning was submitted to the public for two months of comment — and thousands of people are pushing for it to legalize same-sex marriage as well.

  • World’s First Openly Gay Prince Helps Create LGBT University Course

    PrinceManvendra Singh Gohil from Gujurat, India is the world’s first openly gay prince on record, and has spearheaded South Asia’s first LGBT-centered university course.