human rights

  • Bisexual Rio Councilwoman, Human Rights Activist Killed

    (WB) Rio de Janeiro Councilwoman Marielle Franco was killed on March 14 at around 9:30 p.m. local time after attending and speaking at a black women’s empowerment event in the city.

  • Column: It's Time to Save the Bisexuals

    From the Florida orange juice boycott, to the creation of sex education classes, to Pride itself, bisexuals have been integral in any fight for equality, time and time again. Yet our contributions are routinely ignored in favor of celebrating “gay pioneers” and our community concerns are erased, invalidated and diminished at every level.

  • Despite World OutGames Drama, Human Rights Presentations Continue


    Amidst the drama of the last-minute cancellations of sporting events and ceremonies, the Human Rights portion of the World OutGames Miami is still chugging along, with panels taking place over the weekend. 

  • European Court: Russia's Ban On LGBT Rallies Violates Rights

    (AP) The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that a ban on LGBT rallies in Russia violates the human rights of those wishing to march.

  • Gay Jamaicans Victims Of Violence

    KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are the targets of unchecked violence and discrimination in Jamaica, frequently refused housing or employment in the Caribbean country typically described as the region's most hostile to LGBT citizens, a leading human rights group says in a report released Tuesday.

  • Human Rights Conference Rises Above World OutGames Hurdle

    The World OutGames is a combination of human rights, cultural and sporting events that seeks to unite and celebrate LGBT communities from around the globe. 

  • Kenyan LGBT Organization to be Legally Recognized as a Charity

    Kenyan court ruled that the National Gay Lesbian Human Rights Commission can be classified as a non-profit. 

  • Miami Hosts Three-day Human Rights Conference as part of World OutGames

    They’re coming from as far as Australia and Tonga and as near as Cuba and our own Florida International and Florida Atlantic universities. Beginning Friday May 26 through Sunday May 28, human rights activists, researchers, scholars and advocates from around the world will gather in Miami Beach for the fourth Global Human Rights Conference as part of the 2017 World OutGames.

  • Nadine Smith on Activism and Unlearning

    Nadine Smith knew she was gay from a very young age. Possibly because her third-grade girlfriend “Amber” told her so. – Not that she was gay, just that she was in fact, her girlfriend. 

  • On the Ground at Miami World OutGames

    The World OutGames Miami opened with its ‘Global LGBTQI Human Rights Conference’ Friday morning, May 26 at the Loews Hotel in Miami Beach. But by Friday afternoon, the conference was overshadowed by an email from WOG organizers that the sports programming and related ceremonies, scheduled to begin Saturday had been cancelled due to “financial challenges.

  • Paralympics Chief: No Need For Rights Assurances

    — Countries bidding to host the Olympics and Paralympics should not be compelled to provide assurances about human rights standards, according to the head of the International Paralympic Committee.

  • PBCHRC Endorses Candidates

    The Palm Beach County Human Rights Council’s Voters Alliance released a list of endorsements for the Aug. 30 primary.

  • Queen’s Gay Footman Quits After Being Demoted For Media Coverage

    Ollie Roberts, 21, was the Queen of England’s first openly gay footman. He was demoted for drawing too much media coverage towards him, and after a couple of days, he quit.

  • State Department: LGBTI rights to remain in human rights report

    (WB) State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert on Thursday said LGBTI-specific issues will remain in its annual human rights report.

  • Uganda: Groups Report Surge In Gay Rights Abuses

    KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are reporting a surge in the rights violations of gay people in Uganda following the enactment of a severe anti-gay law.

  • UN Letter Calls Kim Jong-un Out On Nazi-like Atrocities

    GENEVA -- A U.N. panel warned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Monday that he may be held accountable for orchestrating widespread crimes against civilians in the secretive Asian nation, ranging from systematic executions to torture, rape and mass starvation.