An openly gay candidate for Toronto mayor and his husband have been given preliminary approval to adopt a 14-month-old baby boy.

George Smitherman, a hopeful in the upcoming race for Toronto’s mayoral office, and his husband, Christopher Peloso, have finally been approved to adopt after two years, reported a Feb. 15 article in the Toronto Star. The approval came from the Toronto Children’s Aid Society.

"He’s obviously overjoyed," said the candidate’s campaign spokesperson, Stefan Baransky. "They recognize it’s a long process and they’re looking forward to moving through that process and ensuring that hopefully their new son ... has a loving home."

"Christopher and I are very proud to share the news," said Smitherman in a Feb. 14 statement. "Despite our overwhelming joy at the prospect of being parents to a beautiful baby boy, we must ask for your complete cooperation in respecting our privacy and the important legal process that governs our potential adoption," added the mayoral candidate. The adoption process will take six months or longer, Smitherman cautioned. "Until that time, our adoption is not official. I look forward to sharing more details when I am able."

Smitherman had served in a variety of official capacities in Ontario, including being its first openly gay cabinet minister, before focusing on his candidacy for mayor of Toronto. He and his husband have been together for 16 years, the article reported.

Another candidate for the office of Toronto’s mayor, Adam Giambrone, has been the subject of rumors that he might be secretly gay or at least bisexual, reported Queerty in a Feb. 11 article. However, Giambrone has a female life partner, and has acknowledged that he has not been faithful to her, having sexual relations with multiple other female partners since entering in a relationship with her.

However, a man named Maurie Sherman claimed on a radio program to have gone on a date with Giambrone after swapping online messages in which Giambrone allegedly said that he was bisexual.

Kilian Melloy reviews media, conducts interviews, and writes commentary for EDGEBoston, where he also serves as Assistant Arts Editor.



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