• Clinton Asks If Women Want To See A Female President

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday credited women with making a difference at all levels of government, asking an audience of female Democrats, "Don't you someday want to see a woman president?"

  • Clinton Says She's Still Considering Future Plans

    Hillary Clinton (Photo: CNN)

    TEMPE, Arizona (AP) _ Hillary Rodham Clinton says she is ``very much concerned'' about the direction of the U.S. but says she is still considering her future plans.

  • CNN Amends Debate Criteria, Fiorina May Get In

    WASHINGTON -- CNN on Tuesday amended its criteria for the next Republican presidential debate, giving former technology executive Carly Fiorina a better chance at appearing in the Sept. 16 primetime affair.

  • Column: Finding Mr. Right, Not Mr. Perfect

    Adam4Adam? Scruff? The bars? The beach? The Publix at Five Points? Exactly where does a gay man, particularly of a certain age, find that "special someone" in South Florida?

  • Court Documents Quantify Impact Of Gay Marriage in Kansas

    WICHITA — Court documents are offering a glimpse at the early impact of the gay marriage ruling in Kansas.

  • Defiant Gov. Perry Rejects 'Outrageous' Indictment

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry is lashing out at the "outrageous" criminal charges filed against him and defending the veto that led a grand jury to indict him on two felony counts of abuse of power.

  • Gay History 101: September 2, 2015

    Turkey, which shares borders with several conflict zones has recently absorbed millions of people, among them sexual minorities, who have officially become outcasts from their own communities. LGBT refugees, escaping the wrath and destruction of ISIS, from this volatile and conservative region have made Istanbul a sanctuary of sort.

  • GOP Debate Field is Set: Trump, Bush In; Fiorina, Santorum Out

    CLEVELAND -- Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has scored the top spot for Thursday night's leadoff debate of the 2016 presidential race, joined by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and seven other Republican contenders who made the campaign's first cut.

  • GOP Debate No. 3: A Guide to the Republican 2016 Candidates

    WASHINGTON (AP) — There's an angry young man who matured into an eternally mellow surgeon and politician. A Hispanic firebrand who is most at home in English, and an Anglo who speaks fluent Spanish at home. And that given-to-preening reality show guy.

  • GOP Field: Tax Cuts For All, Don't Worry About the Consequences

    DENVER -- Republicans came into this presidential campaign with painful memories of how, in the last one, Democrats blasted Mitt Romney's tax plan as a giveaway to the rich. They've heard a new wing of conservative intellectuals urge them to focus on tax cuts to working-class Americans rather than the wealthy.

  • GOP Hopefuls Weigh In On Gay Marriage

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says a Supreme Court decision in favor of same-sex marriage won't be enough to make it the law of the land overnight.

  • Hambycast: Rand Paul's Campus Challenge

    CHARLESTON, South Carolina (CNN) -- Campus politics aren't always a clear winner for Rand Paul, as he discovered here this week during an appearance at the College of Charleston.

  • Hillary Clinton's Big Night On The Debate Stage

    (CNN) -- Hillary Clinton delivered a poised, polished performance in the campaign's first Democratic presidential debate, firmly defending herself against claims that she flip flops for political gain and likely quelling nerves in her own party after a stumbling start.

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton Pays a 'Late Show' Campaign Call

    It should come as no surprise, but when Hillary Rodham Clinton kicks back for a little pleasure viewing, she gravitates to TV dramas about government and law.

  • Horror Master Wes Craven Dies at 76

    It's hard enough to redefine a genre once in a career, but horror virtuoso Wes Craven managed to do it twice.

  • Houston Loses its HERO

    In a tough blow to LGBT people everywhere, Houston voters on Tuesday repealed a year-old non-discrimination ordinance –a repeal that appeared to be largely driven by fears that it would enable sexual predators to enter women’s restrooms to assault young girls.

  • Houston Mayor Says The Fight Is On For Equality

    Houston Mayor Annise Parker predicted an arduous fight lies ahead to protect citizens from discrimination in America’s fourth largest city.

  • Huckabee Compares Being Gay to Drinking, Swearing

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee says expecting Christians to accept same-sex marriage is "like asking someone who's Jewish to start serving bacon-wrapped shrimp in their deli."

  • In or Out? Jeb Bush Keeps on Mulling 2016 Decision

    Jeb Bush's big donors and allies are tantalized by his promise to decide "in short order" whether to run for president.

  • In State of the Union, Obama Aims to Influence 2016 Debate

    Key elements of the economic proposals President Barack Obama will outline in his State of the Union address Tuesday appear to be aimed at driving the debate in the 2016 election on income inequality and middle-class economic issues, rather than setting a realistic agenda for Congress.