• 'Heather Has Two Mommies,' Controversial 1989 Children's Book, Updated to Include Gay Marriage

    A playful picture book about a little girl named Heather and her two happy mommies was a cultural and legal flashpoint 25 years ago, angering conservatives over the morality of same-sex parenting and landing libraries at the center of community battles over placement in the children's stacks.

  • 4th Child For Nurses Challenging Gay Marriage Ban

    HAZEL PARK, Mich. (AP) — Two Detroit-area nurses who are challenging Michigan's ban on gay marriage have welcomed a fourth adopted child into their home.

  • Appeals Court Dismisses UCF Case On Flawed LGBT Study

    Orlando – Bad news for an LGBT online journalist who is trying to investigate how a flawed, anti-gay study got published.

  • Australian Documentary GAYBY BABY Gets Love At Its NYC Premiere

    At the New York City LGBT Community Center on West 13th Street, I attended the May 1 New York City premiere of the fascinating Australian documentary film, “Gayby Baby” which tracks the lives of four same-sex couples with children at the precarious age between childhood and adolescence.

  • Biden Launches LBGTQ Family Acceptance Campaign

    (CNN) -- Joe Biden announced a new initiative Thursday aimed at emphasizing the importance of family and community acceptance to LGBTQ youth.

  • British, Italian Pop Icons Trade Barbs Over Parenting

    Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have outraged gays with their comments regarding family structure.

  • Double Dads On ‘Double Dare’


    This past week, Nickelodeon’s “Double Dare” game show featured two families, one of which was a family made up of two fathers and two sons. The family became a first for the popular show.

  • Facebook, Apple Pay For Egg Freezing, Sperm Donors

    Free lunches, dry cleaning, massages — frozen eggs? Silicon Valley’s biggest companies have long offered cushy perks to attract top talent and keep workers happy logging scores of hours on the job. But beyond day-to-day luxuries, Facebook and Apple will now give up to $20,000 in benefits to help employees pay for infertility treatments, sperm donors and even to freeze their eggs. 

  • Families of Choice: New documentary celebrates family and friendship

    LGBT families of choice are celebrated in “One Stride: Chosen Family,” a newly produced short documentary from Barefoot Wines. Viewers of the film will meet people who have forged loving, familial relationships with people who are not of their blood. The film is divided into three segments.

  • For Gay Couples Wanting Children, Portland Is A Surrogacy Mecca

    Portland, OR (KPTV) -- After having been together for 14 years, Bruno and Christophe, a gay couple from France, were ready to start a family.

  • Gays With Kids

    Community for gay fathers growing

  • Hearing Set for Judge Who Refused to Handle Gay Adoptions

    (AP) A panel says ethics charges will proceed against a Kentucky judge who declared his conscientious objection to handling adoption cases involving gay and lesbian adults, despite his resignation last week.

  • Italian Gay Rights Debate Prompts Rethink of Sacred Family

    ROME -- In Italy, family is considered so sacred that marriage is lauded in the Constitution. But what kind of family?

  • Jesse's Journal: Families of Choice

    As lesbian, gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans* people, many of us grow up alienated from our biological families. In the bad old days before PFLAG, many of us hid our sexual orientation or gender identity from our parents or grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts or cousins. Often, if our relatives knew, we were rejected by them for being who we are. Since marriage equality is a recent phenomenon, most of us lived our lives without the benefits that were given to legally-sanctioned, opposite-gender spouses. Instead, we in the LGBT community created new forms of relationships that did for us what biological families, heterosexual marriages, or parenting did for others. We call those relationships families of choice, as opposed to the biological families we grew up with that were foisted upon us at birth. LGBT authors and activists have written extensively about this topic, most notably Kath Weston in her still-relevant book Families We Choose (1991).

  • Lance Bass Wants a Baby – Will Try Surrogacy for Sixth Time  

    This year Lance Bass and his husband Michael Turchin are hoping 6 is their lucky number. After five-failed surrogacy attempts the couple are hoping for a baby in 2019.

  • Mombian: Making Museums Welcoming to All Families

    May was National Museum Month, and LGBTQ families have a growing source of support in museums—including ones aimed at children—that have been reaching out to welcome all kinds of families. Margaret Middleton, a Boston-based designer, speaker, and consultant, has been a leader in helping to make this happen.

  • Of Food, Festivals, And Family

    My family of origin always has our biggest gathering on Thanksgiving. My spouse Helen, our son, and I pretty much party from then until Helen’s birthday in early January, marking Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s along the way. It’s both exhilarating and exhausting.

  • OpEd: City Hall Has a Duty to Make Public Restrooms Open to Public

    Over a year ago, SFGN determined to launch a  newspaper illuminating the life and times of Wilton Manors, the emerging neighborhood epicenter of LGBT life in South Florida.  The Gazette was thus born, first as a small, stand-alone newspaper, and now as a twice-a-month journal, chronicling news and events in the gay-centric Manors. We are proud to have our rainbow flag raised permanently on the steps of city hall.

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