• 57 Nigerian Men Detained for Gay Sex and Charged with Cult Involvement

    A Nigerian court detained 57 men for having gay sex in a Lagos hotel, and have charged them with conspiracy, unlawful gathering, and belonging to a secret cult.

    This isn’t the first time people at hotels in Nigerian states have been accused of and arrested for homosexuality. Six men in were arrested earlier this month in a hotel in Abia, and 42 men were arrested in a hotel in Lagos last year as well. Depending on the area, the punishment for homosexuality is either up to 14 years in jail or being stoned to death. 

    All of the men pleaded not guilty, and most said they were just at a party.

    The police just barged in and arrested people … They also accused us of being homosexuals. I am not one, I went there to party. They also accused us of being initiated but no initiation material was founded with us or at the venue,” one of the accused said, reported Pink News.

  • Case Dismissed Against Two Pleasure Emporium Defendants

    Judge Ginger Lerner Wren ruled against the state on Thursday in the Pleasure Emporium case where at least 19 men have been arrested this year for sex in a public place and “exposure of sexual organs and/or unnatural lascivious acts.”

  • Castrataro Challenges City over Partner’s Arrest

    Fort Lauderdale city attorney George Castrataro is fuming over the recent arrest and prosecution of his partner on criminal charges relating to his management of a local funeral parlor, Kalis-McIntee Funeral and Cremation Center.

  • Lawsuit: Bus Terminal Bathroom Arrests Target Gays

    (AP) A class action lawsuit accuses Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police of targeting gay men who use the restrooms at New York City's main bus terminal.

  • More Than 40 LGBT Activists Arrested in Moscow

    (WB) More than 40 people were arrested in Moscow on June 27 for protesting against the arrest of an LGBT activist who is accused of spreading “gay propaganda” on her social media page and distributing pornography.

  • Ohio Police Catfish Gay University Student By Posing As 15-Year-Old

    An Ohio man thought he was talking to a 15-year old boy, but in reality it was a fake profile created by local police to arrest him for crimes he allegedly committed.

  • Virginia Man Arrested for 2017 Murder of Gay Activist

    Police in Chesterfield County, Va., on Aug. 6 arrested a 56-year-old Virginia man for the April 2017 murder of longtime Virginia gay activist Bruce Garnett, 67, who was found stabbed to death in his apartment in a section of Chesterfield near Richmond.

  • Wilton Manors Activist Gets Arrested in D.C. Healthcare Protests

    The morning before he took part in a protest against Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act [ACA], Wilton Manors activist Michael Rajner predicted an arrest was in his near future. “I’m likely getting arrested today,” Rajner wrote in an email to SFGN.