• Albright Joins SFGN Sales Team

    Jim Albright, an experienced advertising sales associate, has joined the staff at the SFGN. Albright, a native of Ohio, brings many years of expertise to the position.

  • Boston Bomb Survivor, Jason Collins are Guests at Obama Speech

    Two survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing and an openly gay NBA player are among the guests who will sit with first lady Michelle Obama Tuesday when President Barack Obama delivers the annual State of the Union address.

  • CNBC Exposes Mutual Benefits

    Local Viatical firm profiled in season debut this Friday

  • Considerable Disappointment in State of the Union Speech

    In hisState of the Union address Tuesday night, President Obama spoke of a nation working on issues such as marriage equality and earning the respect of other nations “because we believe in the inherent dignity and equality of every human being, regardless of race or religion, creed or sexual orientation.”

  • Day Three: Obama Leads Heavy Hitters in Speeches Praising Clinton

    (WB) On the third night of the Democratic National Convention, President Obama led a series of heavy hitters who delivered speeches praising Hillary Clinton as the right candidate to lead the country.

  • Food: Give it to Me Raw

    There’s something to be said for taking it raw. Fresh seafood doesn’t need anything more than a little salt and a squeeze of lemon, not even heat. Oysters, clam, conch; just about any kind of mollusk is delicious on the half shell. Crustaceans such as lobster, shrimp and crab can also be enjoyed raw, but most preferred them cooked. The same goes for most salt water fish. Raw tuna, salmon and their underwater brethren are able to be enjoyed uncooked, marinated or heated. It’s all about the freshness, and you’ll usually (but not always) have to pay a premium for such treats.

  • Former Obama Admin Officials Urge Supreme Court to Uphold LGBT Protections

    (WB) A group of 36 former federal government officials who served during the Obama administration is calling on the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold LGBT rights in pending litigation that will determine whether firing a worker for being LGBT is legal.

  • In State of the Union, Obama Aims to Influence 2016 Debate

    Key elements of the economic proposals President Barack Obama will outline in his State of the Union address Tuesday appear to be aimed at driving the debate in the 2016 election on income inequality and middle-class economic issues, rather than setting a realistic agenda for Congress.

  • Is Gay Former Saudi Diplomat Victim of Politics?

    (CNN) -- While President Barack Obama has made promoting rights for gays and lesbians worldwide a key foreign policy goal, that is little comfort to Ali Asseri, a former Saudi diplomat who is gay.

  • Michelle Obama: I’m With Her

    (PGN) First Lady Michelle Obama gave an impassioned speech seeking to unify the Democratic Party behind Hillary Clinton Monday night at Wells Fargo Center.

  • Obama administration to issue guidance on transgender access to school bathrooms

    (CNN) The Obama administration will issue guidance on Friday directing public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity.

  • Obama Appointees Speak at ‘Not the White House Pride Reception’

    (WB) President Trump may have declined to sign a Pride proclamation or host a White House Pride reception, but that didn’t stop members of the Obama administration from celebrating the occasion.

  • Obama At NY Fundraisers, Including Gay Donor Gala

    NEW YORK (AP) — To a raucous embrace, President Barack Obama told gay donors Tuesday that American society and its laws have advanced the cause of gay rights over the past 10 years but said the job was hardly over in the United States and especially abroad.

  • Obama Continues Chiding Russia On Gay Rights

    President Barack Obama gives an address on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at Palais Des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, Belgium. He made comments on gay rights during the speech. (Host TV)

    (CNN) -- A speech to Europe aimed at Russia sounded a lot like President Barack Obama's successful campaign message from 2012, especially when it came to gay rights.

  • Obama Opens Gay Games With Surprise Video Message

    CLEVELAND (AP) — President Barack Obama has helped kick off the international Gay Games in Cleveland with a surprise video message shown at the opening ceremonies.

  • Obama Rips Republican Candidates On Gay Marriage

    (CNN) -- President Obama on Sunday dismissed Republicans opposed to same-sex marriage as ?living in another era, saying the national conversation had moved beyond whether gays and lesbians deserve equal marriage rights.

  • Obama Signs Executive Order On LGBT Workplace Discrimination - Excerpt Of His Remarks

    Many of you have worked for a long time to see this day coming. You organized, you spoke up, you signed petitions, you sent letters — I know because I got a lot of them. (Laughter.) And now, thanks to your passionate advocacy and the irrefutable rightness of your cause, our government — government of the people, by the people, and for the people — will become just a little bit fairer.

  • Obama Speech to Challenge Congress on Minimum Wage

    Challenging lawmakers to help him create greater economic opportunity, President Barack Obama will use his State of the Union address Tuesday to announce he’s raising the minimum wage for new federal contract workers to $10.10 an hour, underscoring a go-it-alone strategy in an election year critical to Democrats’ hopes for gains in Congress.

  • Obama Steps Up For Trans Rights

    The National Center for Transgender Equality called it “one of the biggest victories of the transgender community ever,” referring to the May 13 announcement by the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice that discrimination against transgender students violates a federal law against sex discrimination.

  • Obama Takes This Year's State of the Union to YouTube, Snapchat

    WASHINGTON -- Wired up, and ready to go.