mental health

  • Business Spotlight: The Way Home Treatment Center

    Eileen Hathaway has worked in the substance abuse/mental health field for 30 years. Her journey began after she received treatment for her own substance abuse issues. She has always been passionate about helping others, obtaining her LPN license at 22 years old, and has created her life around that passion. 

  • Delaware Targets Depression In LGBT Youth

    DOVER, Del. (AP) _ With the National School Climate Survey reporting that as many as 64 percent of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youths likely to suffer from depression, suicide attempts and substance abuse, organizations across the state are joining together to implement early-intervention services in schools and the community.

  • Double Discrimination: Pressure to follow binaries puts bi individuals at higher risk for mental health issues

    The members of the LGBT community are by no means strangers to isolation. For many the fear of coming out to friends and family is justified: you run the risk of loved ones shunning you for who you love or how you identify yourself.

  • Health Initiative Series Kicks Off with Alzheimer’s Discussion

    "We use these terms like 'I’m so bipolar.' 'I've lost my mind.' 'I forgot to take my meds today,' We think it's funny. It's really not," Lori Lynch mentioned to a group at the Miami Beach LGBT Visitor Center before a talk on Alzheimer's disease began on a rainy evening on Jan. 14.

  • PBC Mental Health Association Partners With Compass to Reach Gay Youth

    The Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County (MHA) is hosting four Community Conversations as part of the National Dialogue on Mental Health for Creating Community Solutions. Called “Palm Beach County Speaks: Breaking the Connection between Mental Illness and the Legal System,” the organizers are particularly interested in the connection points for youth mental health issues.

  • Transgender Students More Likely To Face Mental Health Issues

    A study conducted on college students found transgender students were more likely to struggle with mental illenss than other demographics.

  • Transtalk: I Struggle with Mental Health Issues and That’s OK

    One of the biggest barriers that prevented me from seeking out counseling back in 2009 was because if I went to therapy it meant admitting that I needed therapy, and if I needed therapy then I had a problem, and I didn’t want to have a problem. 

  • What To Read: 'Headcase' by S. Schroeder & T. Theophano

    You had a flu shot this year. You watch your cholesterol, eat better, stay active, and brush twice a day. So why do you feel so rotten? In “Headcase,” edited by Stephanie Schroeder and Teresa Theophano, you’ll see that taking care of your mind is as essential as taking care of your body.