• Gay Camping 2017: Lizard Landing


    Lizard Landing is a small, well-maintained and clean gay campground at the end of the road with one long side bordering the river. Everyone goes out of their way to make sure your needs are taken care of and to insure a great camping experience.

  • Gay Camping 2017: Oz Campground

    Oz is a full service, year-round gay campground and resort. From the start of peak season till the end, fun fills this beautiful property. This is a great, full-service, gay-owned campground for short and long term stays. Weekends can be very relaxed or very exciting depending on how you choose to spend your time.

  • Gay Camping 2017: Roseland Resort

    Roseland is one of those places campers love. Nestled in the mountains of northern West Virginia, the trip there is steep and narrow. Big rigs and long trailers won’t enjoy the journey and likely won’t make it to the festivities.

  • Gay Camping 2017: Sawmill Camping Resort

    Where camping meets nightlife describes Sawmill. It’s a great place to camp, a year-round retreat where you can be you without the cliques often present in gay clubs. Sawmill is a jewel in the woods, an amazing, friendly, peaceful, inclusive, no attitudes camping paradise that’s a one of a kind fun, clean, safe, and relaxing place where making customers happy seems to be the No. 1 priority; most weekends are themed around events.

  • Gay Camping 2017: The Woods Campground


    The Woods must be popular. Even though the owners didn’t promote the poll to its members it still made this year's list. Drawing from New York City, Philadelphia, and the Baltimore, Washington area, The Woods apparently has a large enough following that it needs. Regardless, enough respondents completed the survey to land The Woods at No. 7 on the Favorite Gay Campgrounds in North America list.

  • Gay Camping 2018: Freedom Valley Campgrounds Trims Up the Best Appearance, Accommodations and Community

    Freedom Valley mows down three number one wins in the Best Gay Campgrounds of North America by Category Poll. Respondents rated Freedom Valley as having the best Appearance, the best Accommodations, and the best Community. 

  • Gay Camping 2018: Jones Pond Campground & RV Park Delivers The Best Fun And Food By The Best Staff

    Jones Pond cooked up three number one wins in the Best Gay Campgrounds of North America by Category Poll. Respondents rated Jones Pond as having the best Fun, the best Staff, and the best Food.

  • Gay Camping 2018: Sawmill Camping Resort Shows Off With The Best Entertainers and Entertainment

    Sawmill hits the stage with two number one wins in the Best Gay Campgrounds of North America by Category Poll. Respondents rated Sawmill as having the best Entertainers and the best Entertainment.

  • Gay Camping 2018: The Woods Campground Builds The Best Facilities, Amenities and Activities

    The Woods runs off with three number one wins in the Best Gay Campgrounds of North America by Category Poll. Respondents rated The Woods as having the best Facilities, the best Amenities, and the best Activities.

  • Gay Camping and RVing

    Every summer while growing up my mother packed us up, all ten of us, and off we went.

  • Gay Camping in Florida: Everything You Need to Know

    Gay Camping and RVing in Florida

    A few years ago I bought a 28-foot Sunnybrook fifth wheel trailer, and named it Heath. Heath was towed by a 2500HD Chevrolet Silverado pickup, which I named Jake. Last year I upgraded to an Open Range 350 square foot condo on wheels with all the comforts of home including a washer and dryer, and king size memory foam bed — he is also named Heath. Hauling Heath Jake can pass anything except a gas station.

  • Gay Camping USA

    Gay camping is a growing phenomenon across the USA. Most gay campgrounds are located east of the Mississippi River with a noticeable dearth of facilities in the West. Then most in the East and Midwest are located in close proximity to one or more major metropolitan areas. A commonality seems to be that successful gay campgrounds are located within about a two hour drive of a major urban center.

  • Letter to the Editor: Vitambi Springs Slams SFGN For Not Including Them in Camping Issue

    Vitambi Springs wasn’t accidentally omitted or forgotten, we were intentionally snubbed by the writer. We are the closest campgroundserving all of South Florida; you would imagine SFGN readers would want to know about us.

  • Mirror: Knowing The Real Rules In Gay Campgrounds

    (Mirror) A well run organization has strictures, they let everyone know acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Whether a sign is posted, a consent is signed or someone reads a list, everyone knows what to expect.

  • SFGN's Gay Camping 2017: Your Ten Favorite Gay Campgrounds In North America

    Camping in the wild outdoors is an enduring memory for many. Whether that memory includes a small leaky tent, a rustic wooden cabin, a travel trailer or a luxurious motorized coach, chances are it brings a smile each time it happens across your consciousness. Places of relaxing quietude become meshed in our life script, regularly returning us to moments when life truly was wonderful, even when the recollection dates to a time decades removed.

  • SFGN's Gay Camping 2018: The Best Gay Campgrounds in North America by Category

    Gay camping is not a poor man's sport. Much goes into a trip to a gay campground whether pitching a tent in a field or rolling in with 60,000 pounds of motorhome. Especially on theme weekends and those that include gay high holidays such as New Years, Mardi Gras and Halloween.