El Salvador

  • El Salvador Justice Ministry Launches New Pro-LGBT Policy

    (WB) El Salvador’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security on April 16 unveiled its new policy towards the LGBTI community. The country’s secretary of social inclusion and its director of sexual diversity and different LGBTI organizations attended the event.

  • More than 12,000 people attend El Salvador Pride march

    SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — The main streets of Colonia Escalón in the Salvadoran capital on Saturday were covered in rainbow colors in order to celebrate LGBTI Pride Day and to celebrate pride in being different. This march capped off a series of activities that took place within the framework of the aforementioned commemoration.

  • Rick's Reviews: Do You Pupusa? Local El Salvadorian Restaurants

    Central America’s El Salvador is flanked by the Pacific Ocean to the south, Guatemala to the northwest, and Honduras to the north and east. These influences, as well as that of Mexico farther north, results in a colorful and flavorful cuisine. Corn is a staple crop and naturally, is found in many dishes, as are other Central American staples; rice, beans, and tomatoes. You'll also find plenty of seafood, tropical fruits, and refreshing fruit-based drinks.

  • Salvadoran LGBT Activists Criticize Loss of Protected Immigrant Status

    (WB) LGBT rights advocates in El Salvador have sharply criticized the Trump administration’s announcement that Salvadorans will no longer receive protected immigrant status in the U.S.

  • Salvadoran LGBT Activists Seek Justice for Murdered Trans Women

    (WB) A new anti-transgender hate crime was reported in the country on the night of Feb. 18, but the National Civil Police (NCP) described it as the murder of two men who were wearing women’s clothes in the center of San Luis Talpa in the La Paz Department.

  • Transgender Activist Runs in El Salvador National Elections

    (WB) A transgender man who was attacked by police officers in 2015 was among the candidates who ran in El Salvador’s national elections that took place on Sunday.

  • Transgender Refugee Killed After Being Deported Back to El Salvador

    Camila Diaz Cordova, a 29-year-old asylum seeker and sex worker, was beaten to death weeks after being deported from the U.S. back to El Salvador.