• CPAC Disinvites Keynote Speaker Over Pedophilia Statements

    The annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is meeting this week in Maryland, and is now looking for a last-minute keynote speaker to replace their previous speaker who was disinvited after a leaked video showed him defending relationships between “young boys and older men,” according to Politico

  • Trans Conservatives Tell CPAC: 'Don't tread on me'

    (WB) Being transgender doesn’t mean you have to give up your principles as a conservative, nor does it mean you should allow the Republican Party to subject you to political attacks based on your gender identity.

  • Trump Global Plan to Decriminalize Homosexuality Has Fans at CPAC

    The Conservative Political Action Conference isn’t known for being a confab for supporters of LGBT rights, but this year brought surprise support for the Trump administration’s recently announced global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality.